MATO fun how do u like to do around

MATO is a USB drive, and it is a fantastic USB drive, not only offers a feature that simple, compared to the shape of the outer ones are almost u MATO don’t know it can throw in a few streets. In a tense spare time you can use MATO to casually around a variety of shapes to delight in this, or is conveniently winding it back in your bag or clothes as an accessory to match today’s mood. Vans iPhone 6 Case

MATO fabric is similar to the skin and give you a smooth feeling, makes you feel like to touch it. MATO is a bit like a snake, wrapped around your body. Imagine, you need to use a USB memory stick when you hand in the eyes of others from your hand ring down plug in computer to copy the data back, family moments, put will you u so handsome.

MATO fun how do u like to do around

There are many colors to choose from and MATO has, MATO uses the latest COB (chip on board) USB Flash memory chips. And MATO is waterproof, dust-proof and anti-static, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally used to MATO was damaged. Vans iPhone

MATO fun how do u like to do around

You can with a plastic bracelet with MATO to run or rainy outdoor activities OK. It has 6 possible combinations of color, has a memory capacity of 8GB and 16GB to choose from, like it?

MATO fun how do u like to do around
MATO fun how do u like to do around
MATO fun how do u like to do around
MATO fun how do u like to do around

MAOTO consists of 4 main parts: the outer layers of the fabric, springs, Flash drives and casing. Textile and rigid helmet providing in Denmark, springs in Italy, Flash drive bulk order from Silicon Valley companies, shell injection molding in China. All components will be shipped to Italy in Milan, where they will be assembled, packaged, shipped last. If you like you can go to Kickstarter for their sponsorship.

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Apple keyboard years unchanged, want to play differently, maybe you can try this on Kickstarter wood keyboard Macbook. This keyboard is not a full keyboard, a keyboard made of wood it is posted, you can post it on the Mac computer keyboards, so that we can give you a unique and very tactile keyboard.

This keyboard is located in Brooklyn, New York, a design studio called RAW. Keyboard has two kinds of material can be selected, one is rosewood, other is bamboo, is a relatively common wood. Disney Note 4 flip case


RAW Studio, rosewood may provide a deep and rich, smooth texture. And the bamboo gives a feeling of pure.

RAW Studio, they think the wooden keyboard most of the quality and handling of the product details. Unlike adhesive keyboards will leave traces after the tear, so they go through extensive testing, and finally decided to use 3M products.


This keyboard manufacturing process need to Polish the wood, making the wood more smooth.


Of course you don’t have to worry about with this keyboard will make big changes in the thickness of the keyboard, look at the pictures, they are very thin.


Next process is that the keyboard is laser cut, finish to polished with sandpaper after cutting. Of course the most important thing is to paint on the keyboard.


RAW will be processed for each button hole, it can perfectly match the Macbook keyboard backlight.


In addition to wooden keyboard Macbook, RAW Studio regular Mac keyboard versions. Disney Galaxy Note 4 case

Disney Note 4 flip case


This keyboard sells for $40. Favorite friends can click here to make a purchase.

Not a joiner you don t have to screw and glue furniture

Not a joiner, you don't have to screw and glue, furniture

The simplest design is the most fashion. Designer Shel Han recently launched a group called the “knock-down” DIY furniture, minimalist garden wind and the ease of combination will immediately catch your eye. Shel Han inspiration from early China good joiner, architect, knock-down design without using any screws and glue can easily assemble furniture, sounds exciting. Jeremy Scott iPad Mini Case

Knock-down used painted wood for a unique material, contains four main types of components, connection using the original holes fitted with mustard instead of screws and glue, so you don’t need to use too much, you can DIY combinations 10 kinds of furniture out of it. Small armchair, stool, table, shelves … … When inserting a, let your self-confidence bursting to the extreme! This pride may date back to the age of four building blocks of time.


Designer: Shel Han Jeremy Scott iPad Mini Case


Jeremy Scott iPad Mini Case

How to build a complete set of VR design process

A, objective

We are a team of VR design, mainly responsible for design of VR products. This is our team doing things, explore and build a more complete VR design process, focusing on design tools for research and job analysis, optimization of all processes in order to improve team productivity and output quality of VR. In actual VR projects continues to be optimized, but also welcome all ideas and suggestions.

Second, what to do?

Sort by priority, is divided into four parts:

1, work processes, each role needs to be concerned and the Division of labour within the team.

2, the use of design tools.

3, user research methods, demand-side management.

4 design principles (design) induction and establishment.

As shown in the following figure:

How to build a complete set of VR design process

Following is a detailed description of the content of four parts.

| Clear division of duties

1, establish workflow: VR design all the key aspects of the process and work together for the combing, draw a flowchart.

How to build a complete set of VR design process

2, combs work: mainly include process various part of staff responsibilities, the main outputs, with.

Explicit VR project design in the various functional areas of responsibility, of output. All output through practical projects and gradually establish a standard template, project process standardization.

| Using design tools

Study 1, and what tools to use to design and try out.

Alexander Mcqueen iPhone 5

2, the main tool for staff training, mastering the basic use of the tool.

Why all the designers have to learn 3D design tools?

Traditional dimensional design software (such as Axure) is not quick and easy display of 3D spaces product design, in the limit of 2D do 3D stuff, complicated process and there is no way iteration.

Design Master-d main tools foundations use is necessary.

How to set up spatial thinking?

The best way is to use 3D design software to design, traditional 2D designer during the design process can be a good idea to broaden the space for performances. In addition, the game engine (Unity) of basic learning, using, can also help you learn to understand better 3D gaming, VR product design and implementation principle to avoid designer’s content could not be achieved.

| Create demand for research and pool

Research needs pool set: VR user studies and VR user needs and establishing the framework and content planning, combing IJB processes and requirements pool template.

Why demand for pools?

Requirement capture and transformation of product design is an important work, in the course of our user research, often refined and thinking of weakening demand, think the Institute needs is real user feedback in user demand. But the demand for research and design are common, in fact, is the blending of water and soil.

Create demand for pool, virtual reality can be more targeted information what users want, by user portraits, stories, research tools, such as access to the pool needs into demand, needs finishing, precipitation, enable us to quickly and accurately design the product in the late.

| Design principles, norms

Design of normative framework has been developed: establish VR design framework, enumerated VR design specification content and direction.

Current VR product much less sophisticated experience. We know the product experience, the most important point is to maintain standardization and uniformity. Virtual reality products is different from traditional Internet products, designers concerned about more than just Visual impact on the users, in addition, sound, touch, space control VR the user experience will have a big impact.

Available interactive specification specification for interactive design of Cardboard with Google only VR for mobile end devices.

Therefore we hope that VR user experience studies and research, summary and to find out what the principles are good, fit VR class of products.

Preliminary thoughts on the direction of specification mainly involve:

How to build a complete set of VR design process

Follow-up task is, to establish norms in all directions and templates, to which gradually fills, continue iteration.

Establishment of the standard component library, and reuse the content of the same design.

Third, the clear assignment of responsibility

Pick several major link below explaining the content of the work, in a later post I will start to every aspect of content detail.

Product designer

Main tasks:

1, functional design.

2, scenario planning (a few scenes).

3, VR scenarios (scenario plan).

Deliverables: design specifications, scenario planning brochures, floor plans.

How to build a complete set of VR design process


1, functional design. What products should be achieved, functional business what is the logic behind.

2, scenario planning. List divided into different scenes, the output list.

Building 3, VR scenes. Required functionality and business logic for each scenario describe, draw 2D plans, figure to be included in all objects in the current scene.

How to build a complete set of VR design process

Design lists + list + description = output complete documents (PRD)

Interaction designer

Main tasks: Alexander McQueen iPhone 5 Case

1, 3D scene design.

2, interaction design.

Main tool: C4D, and Axure.

How to build a complete set of VR design process


1, design optimization, the 3D scene to build prototype 3D scene (C4D).

How to build a complete set of VR design process

2, detailed 3D scenes.

How to build a complete set of VR design process

3, design and interaction design processes, complete document interaction design prototype (interact directly with C4D screenshots added to Axure).

How to build a complete set of VR design process

String together scenes, respectively, complete interactive prototypes.

How to build a complete set of VR design process

Interface designer and fine art set

Dimensional art concept version: drawing art scene, role concepts, such as draft

How to build a complete set of VR design process

FUI: mainly for FUI graphic design resources and outputs. Alexander Mcqueen iPhone 5

How to build a complete set of VR design process

D resources and development

According to the design and the fine arts 3D resources, output to the development process.

Final development for full product functionality. Space is limited, in future articles, the next part of my paper did describe in detail.

Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network”, public interest) by the writer shanghongwei, net dragons Web VR interaction designer of the company.

Tucked into the ear with clock King Jim clock headphone

You’ve ever heard before King Jim? eh, this sounds a lot like cigarette producer company is Japan Office supplies company, specially introduced a wide variety of interesting equipment. For example the earlier King Jim launched the integrated mouse and camera equipment. Well, very interesting. Valentino iPhone 6s cases

Valentino i6 plus case

Tucked into the ear with clock King Jim clock headphone

This time, King Jim brings an ear, with vibration function “alarm clock”-Mezamashi (alarm) Earphone NMR10. This NMR10 can be shaken to prompt the user, able to work under the premise of not disturbing others woke up from his sleep.

In General, there are many commuters in the morning commuter car or desk take a NAP in the afternoon. Usually these moments no alarm bells probably can’t wake, but set the alarm will influence others. NMR10 hands at this point.

NMR10 is essentially a standard headset, compatible with a variety of smart phones, and other music devices. Meanwhile, NMR10 has built-in vibrating parts, used as an alarm to alert users to get up. Users can choose according to their actual needs strong, medium, weak three different vibration strengths. The headphones do not need any external power supply-driven, and need only one AAA battery for power supply control panel. Full State AAA battery life of up to six months at a time. Valentino i6 plus case

It is reported that the final selling price of this NMR10 phone will reach us $ 53 (about 343 Yuan), you like small partners may wish to take a look at it.

Source: Tencent digital

Fight people search giant with unmanned vehicles as well as Government backed

Fight people search giant with unmanned vehicles, as well as Government-backed

Foreign media said the following after Google, Baidu, Russia Yandex search engine giant also announced recently that development of self-driving cars. Victorias Secret Case

Yandex and the Russian truck manufacturer Kamaz jointly develop small and medium sized automatic driving buses, the automatic driving small electric bus can carry up to 12 passengers, capable of traveling 200 kilometers per charge. Yandex resources into the field of computer vision, speech recognition, algorithm, while the Kamaz automobile manufacturing resources provides entities. Kamaz has strong background, by the Russian Government, Germany’s Daimler invested, as well as set up by the Russian Government to support NAMI automobile Research Institute.

As the search engine giants, Yandex it network services integrated into the in-vehicle systems. Earlier Yandex and companies such as Toyota and Honda have maintained cooperation, integration of car sales in Russia has its own navigation and Web browsing services.

Self-driving cars have become the craze, traditional companies and new technology companies rush to invest substantial human and financial resources for research and development, most enterprises plans to launch products at around 2020. Yandex entered relatively late, there was no give much time to market. According to the NAMI Research Institute said the road test plans at the beginning of 2017.

Google, Baidu no car is in beta, but has accumulated a lot of skill and experience. Meanwhile, Yandex money are not strong companies such as Google, Baidu, second-quarter earnings Yandex income of US $ 280 million, net income of $ 32 million. Yandex in the technical, financial, timing the premise of three important components were at a disadvantage, in order to catch up with the former also needs a certain amount of time.

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Victorias Secret Case

AIR 039 | Wang j on Baidu in the field of unmanned practice

Automatic driving a bus which is strong, just ask the 5 Enterprise

Catch the apples before you cancel your headphone jack crazybaby introduced

Catch the apples before you cancel your headphone jack, crazybaby introduced a wireless headset

Coming in September (traditionally should be) released iPhone 7, is one of the largest and most long rumored before every iPhone are the standard 3.5mm Headphone Jack will be cancelled, replaced by Lightning interface as a headphone port, users can also use a Bluetooth wireless headset or wired headphones connector continues to use the 3.5mm interface.

Lei Feng network (search “Lei Feng network” public, concern) small series and no enough of message source to confirmed this a rumors, but industry almost are has finds Apple will will so do, which except for Rob in Apple zhiqian became first canceled headphones interface manufacturers of Le depending on zhiwai, also has August 20 for media held has a small new tasting will of crazybaby (mad child technology). iPhone6 Vans

Crazybaby familiar they had launched a magnetic speaker Mars, appeared before the new iPhone is released-the–Air is a wireless headset by crazybaby. And like an old subsection, new products have a lot to talk about the unique design and tonality.

Catch the apples before you cancel your headphone jack, crazybaby introduced a wireless headset

First for wireless headphones carry not convenient, put in package in hard to find of problem, crazybaby for Air design has a portable capsule, this shape “dirt dirt da” anode alumina capsule than 4.7 inches of iPhone long some, internal is to placed headphones of magnetic sucking type charging base; external has a to capsule charging of USB Type-C interface, and twist two or three Xia on can open of cover.

Capsule with a battery you can charge the headset provides you with an additional 4-opportunities, just 1 hour per charge, and makes the headset’s battery life up to 16 hours. Small series if accession to the vibration function should be sold (Atlantic Ocean). iPhone6 Vans

Catch the apples before you cancel your headphone jack, crazybaby introduced a wireless headset

Headphone connection, Air is a separate pair of wireless headphones, 4.2 connecting via Bluetooth mobile phones. Bluetooth 4.2 compared with previous-generation data transmission up to 2.5 times times, 10 times the data capacity, Air also introduced the IPV6 Protocol, reduced power consumption and safety.

iPhone6 Vans

A button on the headset, you can implement features include play/pause music, telephone answering, awake Siri, features such as volume control, because there is only one button operation realized by the press as well as by official eventually accompanied by a guide.

As products are still used to experience engineering machines, unable to work, wearing comfort and sound quality, the next conclusion. Crazybaby said the final version will be a small circle, smaller ears can adapt to the Asian girl.

Sound quality, Air file transfer via data interface to headphones, earphones to take over decoding, follow-up work at the corresponding. Its equipped with HD resolution CSR chip, while the use of True TWS Stereo stereo.

Catch the apples before you cancel your headphone jack, crazybaby introduced a wireless headset

Air Mobile and we have a crazybaby app, you can control the Air and make further settings such as EQ.

Crazybaby on this and did not release the price of Air, only that standards relative to the product, the price will be lower. Listed until this Christmas.

In small’s view, if only to introduce a wireless headset, obviously cannot be said to be betting on Apple canceling headphone jack, after all, this is a mature category, there is no 3.5mm headphone jack can be used.

Crazybaby domestic audio as a new brand, and Wang Feng FILL headset face find its place in the market. FILL had previously said its product sales of 75,000 units, crazybaby released a product sales to 50,000 units, most of which come from areas outside the city.

Crazybaby founder Allen said about it, “as long as the product works, foreign users are usually more receptive to new brands, while domestic users may consider some more.” Headphones are such a great value brand in street markets, crazybaby did not intend to hit big money stars like the Beats, but hope that more users will be propagated.

In the escalation of domestic consumption trend, more and more domestic independent brands supported by the emerging middle class, crazybaby is probably the one.