Catch the apples before you cancel your headphone jack crazybaby introduced

Catch the apples before you cancel your headphone jack, crazybaby introduced a wireless headset

Coming in September (traditionally should be) released iPhone 7, is one of the largest and most long rumored before every iPhone are the standard 3.5mm Headphone Jack will be cancelled, replaced by Lightning interface as a headphone port, users can also use a Bluetooth wireless headset or wired headphones connector continues to use the 3.5mm interface.

Lei Feng network (search “Lei Feng network” public, concern) small series and no enough of message source to confirmed this a rumors, but industry almost are has finds Apple will will so do, which except for Rob in Apple zhiqian became first canceled headphones interface manufacturers of Le depending on zhiwai, also has August 20 for media held has a small new tasting will of crazybaby (mad child technology). iPhone6 Vans

Crazybaby familiar they had launched a magnetic speaker Mars, appeared before the new iPhone is released-the–Air is a wireless headset by crazybaby. And like an old subsection, new products have a lot to talk about the unique design and tonality.

Catch the apples before you cancel your headphone jack, crazybaby introduced a wireless headset

First for wireless headphones carry not convenient, put in package in hard to find of problem, crazybaby for Air design has a portable capsule, this shape “dirt dirt da” anode alumina capsule than 4.7 inches of iPhone long some, internal is to placed headphones of magnetic sucking type charging base; external has a to capsule charging of USB Type-C interface, and twist two or three Xia on can open of cover.

Capsule with a battery you can charge the headset provides you with an additional 4-opportunities, just 1 hour per charge, and makes the headset’s battery life up to 16 hours. Small series if accession to the vibration function should be sold (Atlantic Ocean). iPhone6 Vans

Catch the apples before you cancel your headphone jack, crazybaby introduced a wireless headset

Headphone connection, Air is a separate pair of wireless headphones, 4.2 connecting via Bluetooth mobile phones. Bluetooth 4.2 compared with previous-generation data transmission up to 2.5 times times, 10 times the data capacity, Air also introduced the IPV6 Protocol, reduced power consumption and safety.

iPhone6 Vans

A button on the headset, you can implement features include play/pause music, telephone answering, awake Siri, features such as volume control, because there is only one button operation realized by the press as well as by official eventually accompanied by a guide.

As products are still used to experience engineering machines, unable to work, wearing comfort and sound quality, the next conclusion. Crazybaby said the final version will be a small circle, smaller ears can adapt to the Asian girl.

Sound quality, Air file transfer via data interface to headphones, earphones to take over decoding, follow-up work at the corresponding. Its equipped with HD resolution CSR chip, while the use of True TWS Stereo stereo.

Catch the apples before you cancel your headphone jack, crazybaby introduced a wireless headset

Air Mobile and we have a crazybaby app, you can control the Air and make further settings such as EQ.

Crazybaby on this and did not release the price of Air, only that standards relative to the product, the price will be lower. Listed until this Christmas.

In small’s view, if only to introduce a wireless headset, obviously cannot be said to be betting on Apple canceling headphone jack, after all, this is a mature category, there is no 3.5mm headphone jack can be used.

Crazybaby domestic audio as a new brand, and Wang Feng FILL headset face find its place in the market. FILL had previously said its product sales of 75,000 units, crazybaby released a product sales to 50,000 units, most of which come from areas outside the city.

Crazybaby founder Allen said about it, “as long as the product works, foreign users are usually more receptive to new brands, while domestic users may consider some more.” Headphones are such a great value brand in street markets, crazybaby did not intend to hit big money stars like the Beats, but hope that more users will be propagated.

In the escalation of domestic consumption trend, more and more domestic independent brands supported by the emerging middle class, crazybaby is probably the one.


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