Fight people search giant with unmanned vehicles as well as Government backed

Fight people search giant with unmanned vehicles, as well as Government-backed

Foreign media said the following after Google, Baidu, Russia Yandex search engine giant also announced recently that development of self-driving cars. Victorias Secret Case

Yandex and the Russian truck manufacturer Kamaz jointly develop small and medium sized automatic driving buses, the automatic driving small electric bus can carry up to 12 passengers, capable of traveling 200 kilometers per charge. Yandex resources into the field of computer vision, speech recognition, algorithm, while the Kamaz automobile manufacturing resources provides entities. Kamaz has strong background, by the Russian Government, Germany’s Daimler invested, as well as set up by the Russian Government to support NAMI automobile Research Institute.

As the search engine giants, Yandex it network services integrated into the in-vehicle systems. Earlier Yandex and companies such as Toyota and Honda have maintained cooperation, integration of car sales in Russia has its own navigation and Web browsing services.

Self-driving cars have become the craze, traditional companies and new technology companies rush to invest substantial human and financial resources for research and development, most enterprises plans to launch products at around 2020. Yandex entered relatively late, there was no give much time to market. According to the NAMI Research Institute said the road test plans at the beginning of 2017.

Google, Baidu no car is in beta, but has accumulated a lot of skill and experience. Meanwhile, Yandex money are not strong companies such as Google, Baidu, second-quarter earnings Yandex income of US $ 280 million, net income of $ 32 million. Yandex in the technical, financial, timing the premise of three important components were at a disadvantage, in order to catch up with the former also needs a certain amount of time.

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