Tucked into the ear with clock King Jim clock headphone

You’ve ever heard before King Jim? eh, this sounds a lot like cigarette producer company is Japan Office supplies company, specially introduced a wide variety of interesting equipment. For example the earlier King Jim launched the integrated mouse and camera equipment. Well, very interesting. Valentino iPhone 6s cases

Valentino i6 plus case

Tucked into the ear with clock King Jim clock headphone

This time, King Jim brings an ear, with vibration function “alarm clock”-Mezamashi (alarm) Earphone NMR10. This NMR10 can be shaken to prompt the user, able to work under the premise of not disturbing others woke up from his sleep.

In General, there are many commuters in the morning commuter car or desk take a NAP in the afternoon. Usually these moments no alarm bells probably can’t wake, but set the alarm will influence others. NMR10 hands at this point.

NMR10 is essentially a standard headset, compatible with a variety of smart phones, and other music devices. Meanwhile, NMR10 has built-in vibrating parts, used as an alarm to alert users to get up. Users can choose according to their actual needs strong, medium, weak three different vibration strengths. The headphones do not need any external power supply-driven, and need only one AAA battery for power supply control panel. Full State AAA battery life of up to six months at a time. Valentino i6 plus case

It is reported that the final selling price of this NMR10 phone will reach us $ 53 (about 343 Yuan), you like small partners may wish to take a look at it.

Source: Tencent digital


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