How to build a complete set of VR design process

A, objective

We are a team of VR design, mainly responsible for design of VR products. This is our team doing things, explore and build a more complete VR design process, focusing on design tools for research and job analysis, optimization of all processes in order to improve team productivity and output quality of VR. In actual VR projects continues to be optimized, but also welcome all ideas and suggestions.

Second, what to do?

Sort by priority, is divided into four parts:

1, work processes, each role needs to be concerned and the Division of labour within the team.

2, the use of design tools.

3, user research methods, demand-side management.

4 design principles (design) induction and establishment.

As shown in the following figure:

How to build a complete set of VR design process

Following is a detailed description of the content of four parts.

| Clear division of duties

1, establish workflow: VR design all the key aspects of the process and work together for the combing, draw a flowchart.

How to build a complete set of VR design process

2, combs work: mainly include process various part of staff responsibilities, the main outputs, with.

Explicit VR project design in the various functional areas of responsibility, of output. All output through practical projects and gradually establish a standard template, project process standardization.

| Using design tools

Study 1, and what tools to use to design and try out.

Alexander Mcqueen iPhone 5

2, the main tool for staff training, mastering the basic use of the tool.

Why all the designers have to learn 3D design tools?

Traditional dimensional design software (such as Axure) is not quick and easy display of 3D spaces product design, in the limit of 2D do 3D stuff, complicated process and there is no way iteration.

Design Master-d main tools foundations use is necessary.

How to set up spatial thinking?

The best way is to use 3D design software to design, traditional 2D designer during the design process can be a good idea to broaden the space for performances. In addition, the game engine (Unity) of basic learning, using, can also help you learn to understand better 3D gaming, VR product design and implementation principle to avoid designer’s content could not be achieved.

| Create demand for research and pool

Research needs pool set: VR user studies and VR user needs and establishing the framework and content planning, combing IJB processes and requirements pool template.

Why demand for pools?

Requirement capture and transformation of product design is an important work, in the course of our user research, often refined and thinking of weakening demand, think the Institute needs is real user feedback in user demand. But the demand for research and design are common, in fact, is the blending of water and soil.

Create demand for pool, virtual reality can be more targeted information what users want, by user portraits, stories, research tools, such as access to the pool needs into demand, needs finishing, precipitation, enable us to quickly and accurately design the product in the late.

| Design principles, norms

Design of normative framework has been developed: establish VR design framework, enumerated VR design specification content and direction.

Current VR product much less sophisticated experience. We know the product experience, the most important point is to maintain standardization and uniformity. Virtual reality products is different from traditional Internet products, designers concerned about more than just Visual impact on the users, in addition, sound, touch, space control VR the user experience will have a big impact.

Available interactive specification specification for interactive design of Cardboard with Google only VR for mobile end devices.

Therefore we hope that VR user experience studies and research, summary and to find out what the principles are good, fit VR class of products.

Preliminary thoughts on the direction of specification mainly involve:

How to build a complete set of VR design process

Follow-up task is, to establish norms in all directions and templates, to which gradually fills, continue iteration.

Establishment of the standard component library, and reuse the content of the same design.

Third, the clear assignment of responsibility

Pick several major link below explaining the content of the work, in a later post I will start to every aspect of content detail.

Product designer

Main tasks:

1, functional design.

2, scenario planning (a few scenes).

3, VR scenarios (scenario plan).

Deliverables: design specifications, scenario planning brochures, floor plans.

How to build a complete set of VR design process


1, functional design. What products should be achieved, functional business what is the logic behind.

2, scenario planning. List divided into different scenes, the output list.

Building 3, VR scenes. Required functionality and business logic for each scenario describe, draw 2D plans, figure to be included in all objects in the current scene.

How to build a complete set of VR design process

Design lists + list + description = output complete documents (PRD)

Interaction designer

Main tasks: Alexander McQueen iPhone 5 Case

1, 3D scene design.

2, interaction design.

Main tool: C4D, and Axure.

How to build a complete set of VR design process


1, design optimization, the 3D scene to build prototype 3D scene (C4D).

How to build a complete set of VR design process

2, detailed 3D scenes.

How to build a complete set of VR design process

3, design and interaction design processes, complete document interaction design prototype (interact directly with C4D screenshots added to Axure).

How to build a complete set of VR design process

String together scenes, respectively, complete interactive prototypes.

How to build a complete set of VR design process

Interface designer and fine art set

Dimensional art concept version: drawing art scene, role concepts, such as draft

How to build a complete set of VR design process

FUI: mainly for FUI graphic design resources and outputs. Alexander Mcqueen iPhone 5

How to build a complete set of VR design process

D resources and development

According to the design and the fine arts 3D resources, output to the development process.

Final development for full product functionality. Space is limited, in future articles, the next part of my paper did describe in detail.

Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network”, public interest) by the writer shanghongwei, net dragons Web VR interaction designer of the company.


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