Depth decrypt the concern of Giants chat robot

Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network” public attention) by writer Zhang, articles will be decrypted in detail 1) chat bot to solve three problems; 2) and the models they use.


Chatbot is very recently a word or an application of fire, not just the news media after the storm BOT concept, the Giants also spending huge resources on research and development, brush out the BOT-related paper on the arXiv is more the norm. Hype, hype, PR to the PR, have to say that one embarrassing fact is really difficult to find a really good bot on the market. Bot in accordance with related areas, is divided into an open field (open-domain) and specific task-oriented (task-oriented) bot. Open the domain to do very large, more like a platform that can do anything, no matter what your needs, it can be solved, sort of true AI means, while the bot task-oriented focus on doing one thing, booking, reservation, passport, and so on.

Said open domain bot, everyone contact up of is some answered very does not make sense of entertainment with bot, like many years Qian active in the big social website Shang of small yellow chicken, now market Shang active with many known as master has bot technology, in with depth learning solution bot technology of BOT company, are is this, solution can’t what actual problem, is can and everyone chat Shang two sentence, and many when answered are is irrelevant of, is funny.

Say task-oriented bot, market Shang up of is customer service robot, Bank or, electric business or, didn’t want to repeat sex to answered user of problem, on with a customer service robot to should, and not said effect how, development a specific task of BOT need fee many time, and late also to large of maintenance, because too more of hand crafted features was with to, whole bot of framework horizontal extended sex relative for poor, For one scene is basically just needs to develop a human costs are too high.

Ideal for BOT very plump, big scene at the company also really beautiful, but realised the BOT was poured a bucket of cold water. Expectations high, the greater the disappointment. If the media is always touted bot, as if the whole world tomorrow will be the bot, BOT are not beneficial development, pengsha will only lead to bubble, after the collapse, all the same.

Function powerful of, and open domain of BOT in short-term within is compared difficult achieved of, but if reduced expects, will bot not should do is a technology level of revolution, and should do interactive level of innovation is rational of attitude, bot as a entrance, may everyone are no longer need a carry carry of Terminal, only need found a can recognition identity, can networking of hardware, like side mirror, on can implementation many of task, set tickets, and buy things and so on and so on. BOT at this time is an action entry and perform various task behind the black box, we do not have to see the whole process, nor need to know what is, through simple language interaction, will be able to complete the complex task, the Terminal to do is feedback and receive input, process performed in the cloud, the bot cloud.

And all of this is the key to solve the task-oriented bot, with more data driven solutions to replace the traditional manual features and templates.

| Description

Bot is a comprehensive issue, involves the following three main issues: Dolce Gabbana iPhone plus Case

1、response generation(selection)

Dialogue is the last step, is part of the output. Under summary, there are four solutions:

Solution 1 directly from the context to generate dialogue, this recent paper is too much, especially after the seq2seq+attention framework has swept much of NLP tasks, dialog generates the benchmark model refresh over and over again. Dialogue generation problem, is defined as a build model based on a typical predict words based on the context, involves the question of sentence generation, evaluation can be a difficult problem.

Solution 2 of course paper is not a dialog build definitions for language modeling problems, but one of the next utterance selection issue, a multiple-selection of a problem, given a context, a given utterance candidate list, select one from the list as a response, of course, the difficulty of this type of problem is much smaller, is also very easy to evaluation, Data set ready to spend some time, and bad experience in the practical application.

Dolce & Gabbana iPhone 6 Plus Case

Solution 3 rule-based or template-based,response end is actually filled in the form of a template, most things are given, only some specific value you need to fill. This type of solution is suitable for the task-oriented bot, too many artificial features and templates lead on difficult to transplant it to a different task.

Solution 4 query-based or example-based,response are from a database called the knowledge base, which contains a large, rich example, based on the user’s query, find the closest example, to return the corresponding response as the output. This type of solution is ideal for entertainment, comedy by the bot, the core technology is to find more data to enrich the knowledge base, to wash the base. But respnose from someone out there may be funny, but most will be irrelevant.

2、dialog state tracking(DST)

Some paper called DST belief trackers, this component is in fact the core of BOT, its role is to understand and capture the user intention or goal, only when you really know what users need, you can make the right action or response. On this section, there will be a Dialog State Tracking Challenge game. In General will be given a State-wide, to predict which state the user belongs to by context, what needs are need to query the weather or to locate the train tickets.

3、user modeling

BOT-oriented businesses are dealing and real user, if only a simple FAQ bot, answer some common questions you may not need this, but if it is more complex and delicate business, needed for user modeling, same problem, bot answered everyone’s response must be different, the reason is very simple. User modeling, involves more than just simple user basic information and some explicit user feedback, and more importantly users history of conversations, these implicit feedback. Before you fire up like recommendation system, everybody is quite satisfactory to sell stuff, but there are some smart analysis of users ‘ behavior, not only those who praise acts, more of those users inadvertently left the “clues” to know that the user is interested in what is potentially, then recommend what system do. For the modeling of user, is to be an individual BOT, each response that is generated has the user characteristics.

Corpus |

Large corpus is used to train the bot open Domain dialog model, data sources generally come from social networking sites. So far as the task-oriented bot, customer data is very small in size, it is also difficult to be data driven solution directly to one of the main reasons on the task-oriented bot.

[1] survey of BOT training corpus, interested students can be read about the survey.

Depth: decrypt the concern of Giants chat robot

From [13], the English’s corpus does more, Sina Weibo that the corpus laboratory of Huawei’s Noah’s Ark release [12]. From Twitter or have a bot on Twitter data, “conversational in nature” than the data generated from this chat room Ubuntu chat logs is more suitable for training response model, since the more natural pollution-free. [5] also used a large corpus, data from Baidu.

Model |

Research paper of the bot is too much, this is a very active area of research, segmentation is also very much in the direction of, according to the research question, then to introduce some models.

Seq2seq model

Now the most popular solution is the seq2seq+attention,encoder user query feed in, outputs a vector representation to represent the entire query, and then as a condition of the decoder and decoder is essentially a language model, step by step, to build response,[2] is such a programme, Google uses a ton of training parameters such a model, get a good bot.

Depth: decrypt the concern of Giants chat robot

Typical seq2seq there is a problem, that is likely to generate some “huh” response, that is something very safe,grammatical but no meaningful response, such as “I don’t know!” Or something like that. Because the traditional seq2seq in the decoding process are based on the MLE (Maximum Likelihood Estimate) as the objective function, which generated the most grammatical words, rather than the most useful, these safe sentence in large numbers to appear in the training corpus, after learning, inevitably always produce such a response, and the article [3] speech recognition experience for reference, In decoding with MMI (Maximum Mutual Information) as the objective function, improving the diversity of the response.

[4] that resemble the RNNLM of language models in high quality of generated words simply because without dealing with hidden feature or random noise in the utterance, thus generating next token (short term goal) and future tokens (long term goal) general effect.

Depth: decrypt the concern of Giants chat robot

When you build your each utterance, using four parts, encoder RNN, and context RNN and the latent variable and the decoder RNN, according to the order of input and output. Here the latent variable and IR LSI a little similar, latent indicates that we don’t know what they are, but probably represent a topic, or sentiment, is a reduction of the representation.

[5] proposed a technique called content method to generate a short response of the introducing.

Depth: decrypt the concern of Giants chat robot

Step 1 after the given query, predicting a topic keyword as a response, the topic of speech are noun, this keyword does not capture the complexity of meaning and grammar, but according to each word of the query to forecast a PMI (Pointwise Mutual Information) the highest term as a keyword.

Step 2 [5] model call Sequence To Backward and Forward Sequences, the first backward step, given a query, encoder Gets a context,decoder part of a given keyword, as the first word, then decoding, build this part of the equals keyword word in front of the section ; Is the next forward step, and is a typical seq2seq, represented by the encoder will query context, and then given backward and keyword as the first half of the decoder and continues decoding the latter part. Briefly describe the process as a whole:

step 1 query + keyword => backward sequence

step 2 query + keyword + backward sequence(reverse) => forward sequence

step 3 response = backward (reverse) sequence + keyword + forward sequence

User modeling model

[6] in question is the response the problem of inconsistency in the round of talks, the user identity (such as background information, user picture, age, and so on) taking into account the model, build a personalized seq2seq models for different user, as well as the same user on different generates a different style of response.

Depth: decrypt the concern of Giants chat robot

[6] model called Speaker Model, is a typical seq2seq model is different in the decoding section adds a speaker embedding, similar to the word embedding, except to say that users are modeling here. Because user information cannot be explicitly modeled, using a method for embedding, trained to be speaker vector, the following figure on the left is represented on speaker vector in a two-dimensional plane, with similar background information of the user will be very close, and the word vector a truth.

Reinforcement learning model

Enhanced learning to interactive problem-solving has a long history, but with the hype of AlphaGo, deepmind will enhance the learning back to the stage, combined with deep learning to solve some of the more difficult problems.

Enhance learning with a long term reward as the objective function, will make the training model can predict the response of higher quality, article [7] propose a model framework, and has the following capabilities:

1. custom integration developer the reward function, to achieve the goals.

2. generate a response later, can be used to describe the effect of response to subsequent phases.

Depth: decrypt the concern of Giants chat robot

Two bot in the dialog class when given an input message and bot1 generates 5 candidate response based on input, and proceed, because each has a 5 response input, with the increase in turn, exponential growth response, each round of dialogue, select 5 by sample, as this response.

Training in a large data set a good seq2seq as the initial value, using reinforcement learning to enhance the model’s ability to implement custom reward functions in order to achieve the expected results.

[7] the model can generate more rounds of dialogue, rather than prematurely into an infinite loop, generate dialogue and diversity is very good.

Task-oriented seq2seq model

Existing task-oriented bot is using rule-based, template-based or example-based, or integrated with, data driven solutions to extremely rare. Article [8] and [9] is to try the BOT on the individual parts of the technical depth to do and come up with a practical plan.

[8] first start from a familiar scene introduces how an experienced customer service with a new service, divided into four phases: Dolce & Gabbana iPhone 6 Plus Case

1. new customer service which “controls” are available, such as: information on how to find customers, how to determine their identity, and so on.

2. new good examples of imitative learning to obey the old customer service.

3. the new customer service trying to service customers, old customer service promptly corrected his error.

4. the old customer service an absentee, the new customer service customer service alone, continuous learning, and experience.

[8] model is designed in accordance with the procedures of the framework:

Developer offers a range of alternative actions, including response and some API functions, used to be called bot.

Experts offer a range of example dialogues using RNN learning.

Simulating user with a randomly generated query,bot response, correct expert.

BOT on-line services, and real customers to engage in a dialogue to improve bot service quality through feedback.

Depth: decrypt the concern of Giants chat robot

A complete workflow from the above diagram describes specific steps below:

Depth: decrypt the concern of Giants chat robot

Training is part of the quality of monitoring data to learn SL, RL with enhanced learning model received higher-quality results.

[9] the balance of advantages and disadvantages of two popular programs, presented a set of valuable, practical seq2seq solution.

Depth: decrypt the concern of Giants chat robot

A total of five components:

1、 Intent Network

The encoder part of the part can be understood as seq2seq would encode user input into a vector.

2、 Belief Trackers

Also known as Dialogue State Tracking (DST), are core components of the task-oriented bot. This Belief Trackers have the following roles:

Support various forms of natural language is mapped into a finite slot-value element in the collection, for the query in the database.

Tracking the State of BOT to avoid learning that no amount of data.

Use a weight tying strategy, you can greatly reduce the need for training data.

Extensible new component.

3、 Database Operator

Belief Trackers-input from the output of a database query, the probability distribution of the slot, the DB maximum input, query gets to the appropriate value.

4、 Policy Network

This component is like a glue, play the role of bond above the other three components. Input is the output of the above three components, the output is a vector.

5、 Generation Network

Last component is to generate model is essentially a language model, the input is the output of the Policy Network and the output is a generated response, after some processing steps can be returned to the user. Here, the treatment is to slot in the response, such as and returned to the true value. This step and the article [8] step 101 will be specified on the restore value to the entity.

Completely solved with end-to-end task-oriented is impossible things, must be in a framework or system using the seq2seq solution to do this thing, [8] and [9] gives a lot of inspiration.

Knowledge Sources based model

Pure seq2seq can solve a lot of problems, but if for a specific task, in seq2seq on the basis of additional related knowledge sources will make many good results. Knowledge here can be sources of unstructured text, such as article [10] Ubuntu manpages, can also be a structured business data, such as articles [9] in the database, or it can be a source of data and business data to extract knowledge graph.

[10] the authors define a bot task as next utterance classification, a bit like question answering tasks, given a context and a response candidate list as an alternate answer, use context to choose the correct response from the candidate list. Contribution of this paper is based on the context, introduced the task relevant external expertise, and the knowledge base is structured.

Depth: decrypt the concern of Giants chat robot

Model is composed of three RNN encoder, one to encode context RNN, RNN to encode a response, there is an RNN to encode knowledge, and then combine to make predictions, to choose the most appropriate response. Model is called knowledge encoder. Because the DataSet using the Ubuntu technical support-related data sets, external resources will use Ubuntu manpages.

Context sensitive model

[11] the model is relatively simple, but means a lot of issues, history of information modeling for the bot is a great help in solving practical engineering applications, determines whether your bot can work. Author history context Word bag model, instead we use the RNN, context and user query is then passed through a simple FNN, get an output.

Depth: decrypt the concern of Giants chat robot

Evaluation |

BOT response evaluation is difficult, although BLEU can learn from the automatic evaluation of machine translation method to do, but not very good. Almost every paper is money to hire people to do manual evaluation, designing an evaluation mechanism to rate, human evaluation is more persuasive. Is especially true for practical application, users say is really good. Rather than simply holding their own, biased indicator, and several methods of comparing the bot or any other company, to explain himself.

Thinking |

Read the paper, and after the bot application engineer of communication, reflection, summarized as follows:

1, do you want to do bot? Popular is a theory is no easy to use bot on the market, to solve the problem of BOT needed a lot of technology and progress, may take a very long period of time, to do business with this thing now, is ridiculous. My personal view is that the bot to solve specific task, combining advanced technology, do some framework tool, not something so far, although it is not easy, but it’s very meaningful, solve the problem of vertical field of BOT, it is possible to solve the open domain problem of BOT. Is also not easily, raising the bar, real opportunities arise, the birth of some great technology companies.

2, open domain is task-oriented? If it were me, I would choose the latter, because the former is only a dream, a distant dream, more technical breakthroughs are needed. Task-oriented more specific, more practical, specific business, offer some solutions, there are already many companies do, although a generality or extensibility solution also did not appear, but a trend is a new generation the opportunity of companies doing bot.

3, task-oriented why the bot, which direction the force? End-to-end is a idealized of model, with depth learning model from large training data in the to “capture” some features, “intends collection” some function, although can get is good of effect, and using up does is convenient, but embarrassing on embarrassing in specific of task in the is took not to mass data of, data scale small has zhihou, purely of end-to-end on became very chicken has. In real-world scenarios, however, many enterprises have certain data or have a bot needs, so now is a mature solution for your specific business, to designing features,templates and rules, when the customer’s business changes, need to continue to maintain the existing bot system is very time-consuming. Real scene often involves a lot of structured business data in purely to directly generate response based on context, violence is possible, the article [8][9] are very enlightening solutions are given, use end-to-end in local, rather than a whole, coupled with technologies such as Information Extraction and Knowledge on Graph, achieving a highly available architecture, This should be a task-oriented bot development direction.

4, response generation and what should be on this? Response quality is good or bad, you need links to these features: (1) the user query, a user’s question, what users are asked in this round of dialogue, precise understanding of the user’s intent, this is crucial. (2) user modeling, user modeling, including basic information about users, and more importantly users the mining history conversation logs, this work is very hard, but at the same level, is a technology company to prove their technology a way to cool. Now logs mining is common, not everyone did well, and the logs are not set, structured index, but unstructured text logs, and began digging harder. Another point, paper types, user emotion and sentiment analysis is more NLP Research task, the user’s mood is directly related to the success of sales, if enough cows, factors to be considered will be enough analysis of the user are clear enough. History hung in the model is not a good idea, because history is growing problem will cause the model to capture info, the better approach might be to build things like user profile, history precipitated as a vector representation, or a knowledge graph to represent a user. With this bot, say sounding a little personalized bot. (3) knowledge external knowledge sources, when related to the specific business, business data is a kind of knowledge, how knowledge modeling to model, generate dialogue can be more professional and precise is also a very important issue. Bot is a general problem, not just hard on the system, and is modeled on the hardest.

5, I have always felt that life and will have to look at the issue, the world is not black and white, but rather somewhere in between successive values. Can’t say either as a open-domain Big Mac Bot or bot without a specific function, can not only see the existing bot is not mature, and BOT out of reach in the fantasy, dark this area, laugh at somebody else can get investment. Fight these senseless, really meaningful is dig deep in this area, identify pain points and difficult points of breaking one by one, continue to promote development in this area, rather than some of the streets to watch the man, it’s boring! Before the breakthrough in many fields, as if never see dawn, but not all of the many problems that cannot be solved in a few years is a Red Sea, streets are now? A generic bot for a long time is a difficult thing, but a high availability, extensibility, good bot solution there is to look forward, not overconfident, nor to belittle and get down to do it.

Lei Feng network Note: this authorized by ResysChina reprinted, for reprint, please contact the original author.


Flat crazy domestic high with flat first to nuclear warfare

Past high profile flat coming from international big names, such as Samsung, Asus and so on, of course Apple in this regard is not fuel-efficient lights. But with mobile SoC development to the A15 ‘s age, the pattern seems to be changing that many unknown Tablet brands are beginning to “nuclear war”, some brands have more direct use of A15 core SoC, achieved industry-leading configuration.

Tegra 4

Tegra 4 from released has has been by widely concern, it using has highest 1.9GHz of four nuclear Cortex-A15 schema processor, 72 “nuclear” of GPU, performance of tough no capacity questioned, certainly limit it development of main reasons is power bad control, market Shang using it of equipment numbered, which NVIDIA home of Palm machine Shield more is directly added has thermal fan, visible its temperature of high.

Tablet from Shenzhen Hui Wei brand pioneered the first Tegra 4 tablet, and joined a number of unique features, claiming that run up to 36000. About Tegra 4 tablet, we have reviewed a Toshiba AT703, have recently been experienced the power of Tegra 4, but due to the AT703 of the resolution is too high, optimization is not very good, so the General performance. But this meeting via Pad can be seen but came prepared, the resolution should estimate the level of control in the 1080P or even 720P, it also makes Tegra 4 has more room to play. Meanwhile, Hui Wei Pad also acceded to a number of unique features, such as hyper-sensitive stylus, dual PureAudio technology.


Although we haven’t seen the meeting power Pad, but officials said Tutu 36000 properties of its powerful, relatively low resolution allows GPU workload reduction, better performance.


Exynos 5410

Exynos 5410 is so powerful a SoC in the Android camp, it uses four 1.6GHz Cortex-A15 and four 1.2GHz Cortex-A7 formed the “4+4” structure, machine Emperor Galaxy S4 version of Samsung’s active use (September 4 Galaxy Note III to replace it, of course). Local flat panel manufacturers long eight-core and sky have been launched using this chip plate. Small series of Huawei UltraStick press contact friends of sky S7801, it uses a Samsung Exynos 5410 processor, 7.85 1024*768 screen, 2G RAM, Max 32G ROM, camera front 200W, rear-500W/800W/1300W optional, 4000mAh battery. This low resolution can bring superior graphics performance, but the particles are relatively large screen. Here are some genuine real shot:


Exterior design, Samsung style, but working to rough a lot


The top two speakers


The side buttons


UltraStick related interfaces and Huawei at the bottom of the slot


UltraStick can insert SIM card

As can be seen from the diagram, Tablet design and Samsung’s tablet is similar, but the workmanship is far worse, Huawei, the highlight is the support the latest release of UltraStick Internet module by inserting the module and SIM card which turned WiFi Tablet 3G tablet, but it can also be called. In the course of a brief demo, xiaobian this tablet experience and international brand large gap, first in the workmanship of the product is not a rank, followed by the screen Panel is not used well, color and viewing angle is not ideal.

Valentino iPhone 6 plus cases


Huawei UltraStick briefly here, this is a Tablet, dedicated data card. As long as the plate with a special interface, you can insert the data card, data card insert SIM card WiFi Tablet 3G tablet, part tablet can also call functions.


Press Conference unveiled the Huawei E1220


You can insert a standard SIM card


Using proprietary data interface


Through data cable, UltraStick can also connect a computer


Dragon cool some of the leaked eight-core:

Tablet not only using Samsung chips, even the shape and Samsung tablet look like


Side also Samsung style Valentino iPhone 6 plus cases


Inside the fuselage Valentino iPhone 6 plus cases


From the figure, you can faintly see SoC Exynos series


Tablet resolution is 1280×800, using Samsung’s original screen, 2GB 16GB ROM and RAM configurations, system for Android 4.2.2. In addition, the Tablet has a rear-mounted front-5 million pixels and 13 million pixels, it can be considered flat panel pixel in the most.


Two Exynos 5410 Tablet seems to be using the same mold, because of the flat interior space relatively large, I believe Exynos 5410 play will be better than the Galaxy on the S4, not easily reduced frequency.


From the domestic route of the new tablet, cling to the low-end products are mainly used for Cortex-A7 architecture, and high-end products have been used by Cortex-A15 Exynos and Tegra 4 5410. Other configurations, is quite balanced, more than most mix 2G Ram,16G Rom, high megapixel cameras, but has a lot of product on the screen using 720P products, and color and viewing angle of the screen Panel is not good. In addition most of these flat-panel system using the native Android, coupled with not excellent optimization, will be in daily use have a lot of impact on the user experience. Home plate but also in design, screen material, as well as all aspects of UI work harder, just SoC, inadequate RAM stack makes a Tablet into the elite ranks. Of course, we also saw some positive aspects, such as Huawei UltraStick for domestic Tablet product in the network provides an excellent solution. With the appearance of Tegra 4 and Exynos 5410 tablet, we also believe that there will be more good SoC (long 800, Exynos, such as mycophenolate mofetil 5420) joined, will make the flat performance to the next level.


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Kitkat native millet 2 tried Android 4 4 actual combat

Kitkat native millet 2 tried Android 4.4 actual combat

We had a taste of Android on Nexus 5 4.4 characteristics of, for the time being but “five-Port-au-Prince”, other transplant is our first phone version of early adopters. Millet 2 series (including millet, 2, 2S, 2A) has launched a transplanted native Android version 4.4, we of course also try Kitkat on millet. Flawless 6s case

In this paper, using a native Android phone 2 16G flush 4.4, brushing machine from “Autumn” autumn leaves blowing in the wind @ Ivan.


Flash method is very simple, only need to download the dedicated Recovery and brushing machine can be brushed into the. Brush into the previously prepared as shown in the figure four ZIP brushes packs, from top to bottom are the latest full MIUI 2S millet, Google service package, the package Android package, Android 4.4 4.4 brush machine-specific Recovery

Kitkat native millet 2 tried Android 4.4 actual combat


Recovery in system upgrades page, click “install package”

Kitkat native millet 2 tried Android 4.4 actual combat


Flush after Recovery, brush through it into the Android 4.4 brush Pack

Kitkat native millet 2 tried Android 4.4 actual combat


Due to the millet has a dual system of setting, so the brush into the Android after 4.4 may still enter the MIUI, at this point we need to install a “dual-system switch” application because this application needs to obtain Root permissions, it is recommended users to brush into the development version of the early adopters of the MIUI, convenient system switch

Kitkat native millet 2 tried Android 4.4 actual combat


Switching system, we can properly enter the native Android 4.4

Kitkat native millet 2 tried Android 4.4 actual combat


Because uses the native Android system 4.4, so from the initiator and Nexus 5 we reviewed are nearly the same, millet 2S, of course there will be no virtual keys

Kitkat native millet 2 tried Android 4.4 actual combat


2 s on Android 4.4 uses the source code to compile, on the second level of the menu icons are not Nexus 5 is so big, and icon styles Android 4.3 style

Kitkat native millet 2 tried Android 4.4 actual combat


And Nexus to other 5 on almost exactly the same, here are two-drop bar

Kitkat native millet 2 tried Android 4.4 actual combat


Lock screen

Kitkat native millet 2 tried Android 4.4 actual combat

  Flawless iPhone plus case

Start the editor


The dial pad


The Android version 4.4 may still start Google voice Now, of course, need to change system language into English


Android 4.4 of millet on the 2S remains a message


Setting interface


Android version 4.4, kernel version 3.4.0


Developer options will still be ART environment


Android 4.3, Adreno 320 and Adreno 330 supports OpenGL ES 3.0, millet 2S also support here, of course. But GPU drivers still V14, relatively old, Nexus 5 has to V53


Flawless iPhone plus case

Running and not much improve, but supports OpenGL ES3.0 can bring more to the game excellent graphics performance


This porting Android 4.4 millet 2 series were very fast, but from a practical point of view, MIUI V5 is the best partner of millet 2. Primary system has brought the operation experience of the relatively new though, and support for OpenGL ES3.0, but lost a lot of MIUI custom functionality, and optimization of the camera will be a lot worse, so it is suitable for users who want early adopters, are not suitable for long-term use.


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Also laser positioning this domestic manufacturers did better than HTC Vive

Last G-Wearables (Beijing vantone information technology) new Conference was convened in September last year, when relief released a set of equipment, cover the backpack-style wireless processors, full body motion capture sensors, hand recognition, sensor and location devices, and so on, warrant addressing VR experience annoying cables, location tracking, and so on.

At the time, there was no computer makers for the VR experience to make “backpack” proposal, G-Wearables products are naturally attracted a lot of attention.

Also laser positioning, this domestic manufacturers did better than HTC Vive?

G-Wearables company CEO Guo Cheng

StepVR is a set of positioning solutions?

On July 20, G-Wearables and Pettitte held the strategic cooperation of science and Technology Conference, STEPVR and after Pettitte’s customized version of the helmet adapter, multi person interactive experience in a large space. C and b sides-oriented market, STEPVR will launch a different solution.

According to Guo Cheng, founder of G-Wearable introduction, STEPVR mainly deals with the technology, including:

Backpack-style data processing unit M & M’S iPhone 5 Case

Standard gestures capture unit

Location laser light emitting unit

Virtual reality interactive handle.

Also laser positioning, this domestic manufacturers did better than HTC Vive?

Live demonstrations of the equipment M & M’S iPhone 5 Case

Laser beam positioning unit with a distributed laser scanning technology, millimetre-sized indoor positioning can be achieved; the motion-capture unit to seamless integration with a wide range of indoor positioning technology; the handle part of 360-degree track, and vibration feedback.

For positioning a solution, said Guo Cheng c and b sides two market-oriented, c-terminal can realize home, b the main VR games, education and tourism, and film motion-capture animation. While c-terminal product uses two laser units, similar to HTC Vive positioning tracking program; and apparently, line-oriented experience of the b-end scenarios, StepVR launched a standard configuration scheme of location–“big-box” uses the four positioning the laser unit.

Precise laser positioning more than HTC Vive?

Also laser positioning, this domestic manufacturers did better than HTC Vive?

Laser unit larger than Vive Lighthouse

I have to say, whether it be laser positioning, or from live shows, STEPVR location and is very similar to HTC VIve. But Guo Cheng says, “we are more complex. ”

M & M'S iPhone 5 Case

“Lasers are scurrying around, can be fired very far, principle is the orientation of the laser turned perspective, if you are found by two light, not laser transfer point. “He uses for example two people speak at the same time. When you have two people at the same time with my eyes closed when I speak with you, is that you tell the direction of sound, and two people kept changing positions, so HTC Vive positioning “cannot make the same accepted together with two laser beams. “

STEPVR can position the four laser emission units in the same space, if the 5X5 space is not enough, continue to increase transmission unit, expanding the area of physical space, multiple people in the same space experience. Indeed, it’s Vive cannot be achieved.

Field experience

Also laser positioning, this domestic manufacturers did better than HTC Vive?

Double online demo

The site, organizers set up two 5×5 standard “big box” between its black curtain separates two spaces together, positioning the curtains removed will not affect tracking results. However, helmet and attached to the helmet catch is independent of the two parts, this unit also requires additional battery power, so that will inevitably add to the weight of the head, plus 3 kilograms of “backpack”, wear is slightly complicated.

If helmets and integrated together that would be better? CEO Weng Zhibin Pettitte technology has also made this possibility, will include equipment cabinet without specific charge.

In addition, for two games of experience can achieve double the online experience, in which a decrypted game using the game element of Monument Valley. Both players put on the device, after entering the game can see the virtual characters, both by complete tasks to get through. This is very attractive.

Regret is due to “Pack” the battery in about an hour and catch units, should one be found online two player battery is low, you need to start again. Hands-on experience during a short time, the author finds that handles will appear revealing the specific usage for a long time, it is not clear.

It is understood STEPVR the home location will be announced before the end of the. Helmets on the c-Terminal-oriented and pointing device, bundled Weng Zhibin said may be taken, depending on consumer demand, prices will be “in accordance with China’s national conditions”, will likely be lower than the HTC Vive.

Find the island where there is the sea have a dream I m in Zhoushan island in


# Find #-the island where there is the sea, have a dream, I'm in Zhoushan island in the Lord

       When she was younger, and always have all kinds of dreams. Older, then talk about dream suddenly is a luxury. In Zhoushan, first hears a word: dream does not necessarily have a sea, a sea area will have a dream. Very reasonable. Marine, gave birth to life and inspired the human imagination. Han dynasty poet Cao Cao’s stand on the East China Sea coast, wrote

East of jieshi, the sea.

Water Dandan HO, heave Mountain Island.

Wooded, paraquat is lush.

Autumn, Hong Bo.

Trip to the Moon, if.

Xinghancanlan, if its in.

Zai, song Yong zhi.

Immortal poems

       In July, the fire let me in Zhoushan, left the Mainland, despite the haze do island for five days.

# Find #-the island where there is the sea, have a dream, I'm in Zhoushan island in the Lord

“Sea age”

# Find #-the island where there is the sea, have a dream, I'm in Zhoushan island in the Lord

“White sands Island, sea and sky”

# Find #-the island where there is the sea, have a dream, I'm in Zhoushan island in the Lord

“Island of White Sands”

# Find #-the island where there is the sea, have a dream, I'm in Zhoushan island in the Lord


# Find #-the island where there is the sea, have a dream, I'm in Zhoushan island in the Lord

“Black rocks”

# Find #-the island where there is the sea, have a dream, I'm in Zhoushan island in the Lord

“To the youth”

# Find #-the island where there is the sea, have a dream, I'm in Zhoushan island in the Lord

“Mud of the childhood”

# Find #-the island where there is the sea, have a dream, I'm in Zhoushan island in the Lord

“The southern hole in time”

# Find #-the island where there is the sea, have a dream, I'm in Zhoushan island in the Lord

“Food, do not live up to”

In this photo: filming cold mountain microblog Canon 6D Olympus em5

“A” trustee-


D1 “sand island” rooms at the island of white sands

    8:00 Hangzhou to Zhoushan

    Noon: Zhu Jia Wu Shi Tang to visit dining

  Afternoon: visiting the island of white sand, sea experience, visit the Customs and fisheries Museum

Note: white sand island ship only one class in the afternoon, be sure to arrive at 14:30 Pier tickets


Night sky 


D2 “bed and breakfasts in zhujiajian” rooms at Hua Dingmin


    Morning: white sand island trekking around the island, visit the Customs and fisheries Museum

    Zhujiajian, return by boat, visit the Chinese College of Buddhist studies, PuTuo mountain branch

    College of Buddhist vegetarian

    Tours of Nansha (carved in sand)

    Visiting the Daqing mountains, overlooking the five beaches, enjoy the sunset

    Shenjiamen night stalls dinner

    Performances 20:00-21:15 the impression of PuTuo


D3 “Dai Shan”

   Travelling from zhujiajian daishan

      Star mountain

      11:30 lunch

     Deer bar fine sand

      Along the line of Yan Huang (coastal highway) drive to the bird’s nest stalagmites

      Bird’s nest stalagmites (sea stone)

      Ancient town of dongsha

      Fishing port Qi Xia (sunset)


D4 “Dai Shan”

Mountain day trip

Gaoting Pier by boat from mountain

Mud mountain mud slide theme park

Chinese food (mountain man)

Mountain Park

Ding Hai Sanjiang Lanshan port returned by ship terminals

Tour South Cave, guests staying at bed and breakfasts in South Cave, eating vegetable farming


D5 to hang

     South Cave, go learn greatly the road

    Return to Hangzhou in the afternoon, drive 4.5 hours



“Two” journeys, food is always

   Our journey started in zhujiajian, Zhoushan Wu Shek Tong, in a more precise way, begins with delicious on the table. Naturally, the end is over a table full of delicious. Remember ⑤ month to Thailand Phuket, where for a few days, keeping haohan India Ocean, Dayton incredibly difficult to find seafood, feel still we Chinese people are diligent, especially gourmet gifts, that no one can match.

    Before 5th row in Zhoushan, Zhoushan, the deepest impression is “sea fish warehouse” and “seafood capital”, the Zhoushan fishing ground, that is not blown out. Well, I eat the dreams of.


In my impression, fish can be considered a specialty of Zhoushan. Nutritious, protein-rich, nutritious and contain no other fishery fish DHA ingredients.

Shenjiamen Zhoushan seafood stalls, is a gourmet destination not to be missed in Zhoushan, is fishing now, so more is the fishing up of fish, more natural.

Fresh grouper

A variety of shellfish, different approaches and have different taste.

This is unique to shenjiamen stall CHOW Mein, slightly charred, gently opens a layer on the surface, fresh and delicious.

Prawns, not Qingdao, don’t have to worry about when the pants home. In front of the stall, has a very eye-catching price tags, before ordering look good.

Look at photos, and I think the stomach does not live up to expectations.

Wants to go on a diet of sister paper, please skip this section.

“Three” day1 Zhu Jia Jian – white sand island

       From Hangzhou to zhujiajian, approximately 4 hours by car. 8, Hangzhou, to the Zhu Jia Wu Shi Tang it was lunchtime. Enjoy a fishing after breakfast, free afternoon last white sand island on the ferry had a lot of time, Wu Shek Tong, first went to visit one of the local yacht club. On the island, luxury cars and not too helpful, most popular game is looking at the yachts at sea for a spin.

      Clubs are facing the sea, terrace is a fantastic viewing platform, because of rain, most of the yachts moored in the Harbour, a long seawall, shut out the waves of the sea, which is home to yachts.


This peaceful location, may not be the yacht’s true destination, they should be in the direction of the stars of the sea.

      Not take the yacht out to sea, we have a way of the sea, more natural and primitive boats. Visit to the Yacht Club, zhujiajian, immediately rushed to the pier. Zhujiajian island of white sand a ferry at the latest is 14:30 P.M.. See a seemingly Potala Palace building, zhujiajian, it is Terminal, in addition to white sands outside the island, and the ferry to the famous mountain.

      PuTuo mountain is a famous Buddhist mountains, is Zhoushan’s most famous attractions, flocked in line, feel we have to sand them on the island of happiness. Misty clouds in the distance is the mountain of PuTuo.

White sand island, here we come

     More than half an hour flight, reached the island of white sand, too late to catch a breath, carrying our ferry left dock, this is not a luxury cruise ship, is the most important means of transport in the Zhoushan Islands.

Find a good boatman, now we have to sit on fishing experience fishing at sea life.

      The old saying goes, no winds up a three-foot waves on the sea, not to mention the cool on the road today, a trip to experience, finally get seasick, waves of the sea breeze blowing, and from Fuzhou stove I find a man frozen to death. Grain the old-fashioned way, fishermen’s life on the sea, and that is something no one can afford, and easy living easy, life is not easy.

      Observing the sea, Zhoushan archipelago sea has several colors, is one such currents meet, the achievements of the Zhoushan fishery and fertile. If given the chance, after the fishing period, would certainly provide the most abundant gifts of the sea.

Just a breeze, let me feel the endless power of the sea. Really was the land peacefully.

We stayed in is “island of White Sands” accommodation. This is a sea-facing balcony room

Although there is no big pool, there is a wooden bathtub that faces the Oriental, the next picture is still not described, omitted below 1000 words.

Sea view room sunset

Morning, the sea first light wakes you up.

       Put down the luggage, to the table as soon as possible. Experience fishing, Moji was also a lament, not fishing, we can go fishing. White sand island famous fishing resort, fresh caught a fish.


The black snapper? Not sure. These contributions are mosquitoes in Zhoushan. To Zhoushan, mosquitoes, Yes.

Dried eel

To pry a few screw up on the rock, or wine.

Natural seaweed. Sorry, couldn’t help but made a lot to eat.

Life on the island may be boring, rather than settle down to, quietly reading a book in the Sun book and a cup of tea.

Watching a sea sunset after the rain, the world is so big, and everything doesn’t count anymore.

Night view of astrology, looking to the sky. In this world is not too far away from the island, make a left the island.



“Four” crane dance white sand island


       White Island is the perfect Sunrise East of China. Night view of the sky, feel the next day there will be a Sunrise, set your alarm clocks, out of the door to dozens of meters the observation deck is a good location, this is the island of white sand benefits. Brighter day is hazy, at this time, seas and skies and blue, a deep blue, pure beauty.

       The always fickle weather on the sea, last summer, but the fog is beginning today. Thick clouds and just blot out the Sun’s face, as if to maintain its mystique.

        Blue and more blue, cloud cover, sunshine in the summer even more hot. Half water, half of the flame.

Continuous haze days later, encountered such a brilliant Sunrise, only recorded it with the camera.

No factory on the island, there are no cars, and everything is fresh in the morning.

A fishing village is waking up

        A place, because a ray of sunshine, and sends out a light. White sand island in the rain, water Dandan, mountains heave of the island, is more of a vast expanse of heaven and Earth is great.

        Sunshine, white sand island is a world of blue and gold.


    Building on the island mainly blue and white colors, in which, it was with Eastern Mediterranean style, or approached the Caribbean island. Sometimes, without too much raw, natural beauty. In such a small island, a walk, and daze, simple happiness.

Zhoushan seawater, like the beautiful, sparkling

Walking in the beach in the morning, might harvest a hearty breakfast, a white sand island with prawns.

       Hungry, to go back to eating breakfast. The material does not count too much on the island, after all, have to rely on ships brought over from the Mainland. A piece of pie, a bowl of porridge, several side dishes, with a clean environment, complement each other.

      White Sands outside the island since ancient times, is a major fishing grounds and fish around the island is very rich, with reefs many, was a rare good fishing places. After visiting the Museum, the “Zhoushan mosquito” take us to the island of white sand natural fishing ground.

  “Wang Fu ya” looks out, sees a strange Ribbon at sea, one side is the Yellow Sea, one side is the Blue Ocean. People say in Zhoushan is good, is water blue enough. Qiantang River, Huangpu River, in the intersection of the Yangtze River, bringing sand, stained with seawater. However, the river brings a lot of bait, and fattened fish in Zhoushan.

       Remember a long time ago that ad: “crane dance white sand, I believe I can fly”. With respect to fame over the years “East island”, white sand island is more boudoir. Might as well give up the noise, to the island a few days here.


When he left the island of white sand, are in a group of children on the island over the summer holidays. Perhaps, I will come again.


The “five” Haitian Buddhist

      Mountains and Mount Emei, PuTuo and jiuhua mountain and Mount Wutai is the Buddhist four famous mountains in China, perhaps more famous than the Zhoushan PuTuo mountain, at least until this trip is not known of putuoshan, Zhoushan City, belongs to the. Because Hey, we did not climb the mountain of PuTuo. In Zhoushan, Buddhist culture is tied with ocean culture tourism resources in addition to PuTuo mountain, on the Zhoushan Islands as well as numerous Buddhist destinations worth to see

       First stop: the cradle of the Chinese College of Buddhist studies – master of the PuTuo branch.

       Buddhist College of architecture with the architectural style of the Tang dynasty, the College is located in PuTuo district of Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province zhujiajian, and mount PuTuo Buddhist Kingdom on the sea, across the sea, covers a total area of about 300 hectares. Yard, layout is exquisite, magnify, and conditions for running religious schools are excellent at home and abroad.

      Here the equivalent of secular institutions, monks at the school, we who may stay in hospital for further study, or recommend studying abroad, can also be recommended to PuTuo mountain focused monasteries around China, simple to understand, and many future masters will be come out from here.

      General schools, Buddhist Institute is divided into various functional areas, teaching area, living quarters, a library, a cafeteria, because it is a school, unlike most monasteries of pilgrims, such as weaving, incense lingering, more pure, sincere than come here looking for a place to the Buddha.

       This is the library of the College–wisdom Hall, I blurted out, Sutra. Sweep the floor, of course, the monk is not monk. Libraries have a collection of more than 50,000 books, old books, a modern e-book.

Go higher, an imposing yet beautiful.

Two or three friends, you can eat a meal in the dining hall, monks do not have to, under the experience of the monks is a harvest of life.


      The whole monastery are neat and clean, almost no tourists, only flowers, and the occasional passing monk. Inside the pavilions, lakes and mountains, is definitely worth a look.

     Temple does not have any commercial, there is no consumption, unlike many temples comes standard with “fortune teller” and “good book” and “high aroma.” “Buddhism is a quiet place,” only here can really feel!

This is a common pond Temple, unlike the clear, clean world.

Transportation: by Zhu 1, PuTuo, Zhoushan, long-distance passenger and freight centre, take a bus to get off in front of Buddhist Academy.

Tickets: 0

Treatment of pupils:

1, free room and Board, textbooks, dispensing of monks ‘ robes;

2, monthly living subsidies;

3, medical expenses according to the relevant provisions of the basic medical insurance for urban employees reimbursed.

Let me ask you: If the lay disciple.

      Second stop: Star mountain Find Taiwan this time we met in Taiwan

      Star mountain scenic spot Southeast of daishan Island, surrounded on three sides, the sea, hills stretch for Pinnacle, peak months pinggang, 257.1 metres above sea level, to the highest point on the island, Range Rover landscape Sunrise, vision.

      Star mountain Buddhism culture as the main, xufu immortality as the background, thousand islands at sea against the background of landscapes rich and profound culture of Penglai mountain, the main attractions are the avatamsaka, tea garden mist, Emerald Buddha pagoda, blue waves Pavilion, haiwang Pavilion, Guo SI, um, chongfu Temple retreats, etc.

Rustic gate

A mural, looks quite a lot

On the Red Wall of green

Breathless 7-storey pagoda, daishan island and a spectacular view of the sea in front of

      Mountain road there are two, one is the new cement driveway, starting from the town about 15 minutes away by car; the other a stone promenade road, about 30 minutes away on foot.

      Tickets: 40 RMB

Third stop: “the impression of PuTuo” Haitian Buddhist blessing ceremony

      This is a 5D landscape performance of Zhang Yimou was appointed artistic Adviser. The impression of the PuTuo zhujiajian, located in the former goddess Culture Center. Zhujiajian history as the temples of PuTuo mountain, is the important part of the Guan Yin Temple. Legend has it that goddess of mercy tuas was FODU island hop to PuTuo mountain, has also left a huge footprint on the Summit, and PuTuo mountain is paired. Impression zhujiajian, PuTuo theater located at present one of the most important spots, during which a dry feet 114.9 meters high cliffs painted murals of Guan Yin statue, a statue of 69 meters high, an area of 2000 square meters.

See the world with beautiful eyes, the world is beautiful. Down at home. Room Downtown without seeing through, and beautiful life, Buddha!

Life, desires, needs, in the face of death, how to do face? Perhaps the only real heart awareness, in order to enjoy true inner joy.

One column, one column of incense, lighted is a hope, ignite is a dream, lighting is also a sustenance, each burning incense and the people, have come up with a most sincere heart, their pious Pilgrim, bodhisattva, they tell everyone that a prayer and a wish.

White bow lay Buddhist temple, a girl helped his aged and ill, believe that the Buddha’s father came to the temple, grieved to the Buddha tells her questions? There’s really a Saint? Souls of the Buddha really can do? do really believe in Buddha can get the blessings?

In Buddhist temple, seriously ill father, true to his daughter about his faith and bodhisattvas be happy. Buddhist religious vows in white, find true happiness, and happiness for all.

Lay people come in white, bow down, turn around, and appeared in a magnificent sea Chuanchou, and show white Ju Shixiu Buddha’s path.

Life is happening, life journey, inner peace, built the merciful heart and soul completely free.

Mage 66 actor surrounded by Lotus lamp in hand, walked down the stair Chair blessing ceremony and blessing: there is being healthy, six o’clock good luck! Viewers got out wishing card, wrote down their wishes into the Kuanyin Lotus lantern, meanwhile, Kuanyin Lotus lamp by hand according to the audience, hosted blessing.

I don’t believe in religion, but in a moment of the show, will also feel, nose-acid, just for this moment of ‘ flicker ‘, extremely moving.

Tickets: General seats 238 CNY VIP 298 CNY Premier seats 888 CNY

Show length: 70 minutes



“Six” wave out to the East of Nansha sands, rolling mountain mud

     Zhoushan is China’s largest archipelago, equivalent to 20% of the total Island, along with rising sea levels repeatedly lifting and accumulation of marine gravel and silt were deposited beach. Geological conditions to create a variety of tourism resources in Zhoushan, wind erosion landform, coastal beaches, pebble beaches, and of course everyone’s favorite beaches. Sun, sand, waves, beauty, which is on the sea the most beautiful picture.


      Back in 1999, Nansha area had organized the first China Zhoushan International Sand Sculpture Festival, we were early, only last year’s sand sculpture works.

     Of course, Nansha is not only carved in sand, South Beach as smooth as a mirror, wide stretch, clear waters, our fine sandy plain, built in Nansha Beach, is the most attractive seaside vacation destinations in Yangtze River Delta.


Bathing, surfing, water skiing, sea tricycles, sand-skiing, beach volleyball, beach sports, barbecue, there is always a right for you.

Water, for the kids, and always have some inexplicable attraction

Facing the sea, the dream of flying

     Several whispered in the Nansha Islands should be play bad, I expect, overwhelming, striking an ox, free kick, the rhythm of the woman a few, please accept my knee.

Nan Sha had enough deer bar fine sands continued to play.

This does not play Kung Fu, we play modern coasters, old driver guides, bargain with the boss, it would not matter.

International on the beach, super model

Runway is out, we will definitely tractors out of Ferrari’s fast


The world is so big, beach can’t hold our dreams, decided long voyage at sea. While no one around, come, on this ship. The captain, we have to sail.

Show thigh, whose rough who wears it?

The captain wanted to open, make and jump into, determined to pull, the key moment, is to test older drivers.

Sail towards the dream

Changle new ships, world ahead

Where there is the sea, have a dream, dreaming brain hole open, continued to play

In the seas, how can I not get wet, then let him wet. , Mountain sliding mud parks waiting for you, just mud, sewage pollution to the fullest.

     Sliding Mud Island Park is located in the mountain’s northwest side, facing thousands of acres of gentle Beach, against the provincial wetland nature reserves, regional resource advantages unique, beautiful natural scenery. Park designs exquisite harmony of nature and art, providing people with a set of holidays, leisure health, fitness, beauty care and integration of entertainment. Project settings: the original slippery quagmire of mud, a mud boat slip, tug-of-war, climbing, slide, mud, mud Park of beauty and health care, and so on.

This is before the next mud girl

After 10 minutes

This project should be conducted in the summer and autumn, cool and creamy mash in the hot summer and autumn brings you a cool and pleasant. Mud is the sea salty alkaline and is helpful in the treatment of skin diseases. In the coastal, parasites of all kinds of small fish, shrimp, shellfish, and other marine creatures; mud slide operations in the sea, when you catch a live fish, running jump blotch of crabs, or caught sea gourds, clams, razor clams, and snails when the shellfish, a children’s fun to you spontaneously, that this is a feeling of affinity with nature.

Children join the mud Brigade

Dallas’s brother took his catch the eels

Big brother is good

We went to catch the eels

Pond water full of rain stopped

The mud was everywhere in erythrocytes of misgurnus anguillicadatus

Finally, found a group of people, our driver is the most fun, it really is the old driver will play.

Address: Xiu Shan, daishan, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province, lanxiulu, 105th

Ticket: 30 yuan



“Seven” is not to see the scenery, just walk in the landscape

Castle Peak-the Mountain Marsh-stalagmites-East-Coast Highway–the nests – Wu Sha town-fishing port to the Sun at Pebble Beach

      Mountains at the southern tip of zhujiajian Island, Castle Peak, highest point above sea level is only 378. 6 m, due to its special location, the mountain clouds winding all the year round, at four o’clock in the afternoon to reach the peak, a confused, and halfway up the only hundred meters in height, is like entering another world.

Front fog, captains and drive slowly.

      The main attractions of the daqingshan mountain drunken fog, Shek Mun, Yun Dequan, Tiger rock, rock falls, Milton pirates BOMA site, security holes, break car rocks, flying stones, the wind-moving rock, Lotus, water holes, such as Castle Peak and peak island.

     In fact, I do not see, I saw one of the most beautiful coastal roads.

      Shau Kei Wan to the peak Castle Peak Road section prohibited all vehicles entering society, that is the gateway to the peak on the right.

      Island ring road full of one-way traffic lane, to a cruise is also very pleasant. Looking down from a height, twists and turns, much like before, “need for speed” games, who said China’s road is not beautiful in it?

       Or set aside under transport, such a walk slowly between mountains and sea, breathing the fresh air of the island, roadside greenery lush, there will be butterflies who move.

A perfect angle, not many cars on the road, fits road movie.

In the beautiful coastlines, met one of the most beautiful roads, I don’t look for landscapes, as I was walking over the landscape.

      Zhoushan island roads may be elaborate, daishan Island, we came across a colorful Island Road, flanked by Red Bike Island Road, take your time on the island, a man, a car, and was living on the island.

A journey, perhaps not too deliberate calculations themselves through those attractions, there is what the famous flag never posing than random scenery on the way.

This is the mountain Wetland Park, might say it’s just stream it. Are these small wetlands, tidal flats to regulate the climate on the island.

Find a town, into Zhoushan’s past. Ancient town of dongsha, which is China’s only ancient fishing town of the island, in the East of the sea, called the East sands.

      Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces through town traveller, can be found on this city, and the town is very different, no bridges, no entertainment setups, filled the small streets and backyards. Town is in front of the sea, behind the mountain and the delicate little southern town, a little more plain of the island.


       Once, every town has a cinema, placing those childhood past. Now, removed the basic House. The inconvenience of the island, the more historic buildings can be preserved, every period of history is unrecoverable, let me see and cherish.

      East town has a long history, 3,000-4,000 years ago, residents of East Sha had lived. More than 2000 years ago according to legend Emperor Qin Fangshi begins talks seeking the elixir, dongsha used ashore, involved in Peng Lai mountains. Nearly a century ago, the Qing dynasty, town or bustling and prosperous, is the famous fishing port on China’s East Coast.

     Today, downtown is gone, rich ancient fishing customs still attracts foreign visitors, the town was built following the restoration of China’s marine fishery Museum, carved in China city, poly taixiang Yenping district today, dried old workshops, pottery Museum, etc.

Increase of tourists, the ancient town is a little more commercial now.

     5 o’clock in the afternoon, museums have been closed off, not tourists, quiet and occasionally one or two elderly people under the sunset quietly reading books and newspapers. Retains more primitive life on the island, which is a mixture of traditional and modern seaside town.


Town is a film drama base where too many underground theme film

Traffic: 501,502 bus can reach the East sands. Public transport is not very developed in Zhoushan, self drive or local bus is more convenient.

Tickets: 0

       Stalagmite from unknown sites–the bird’s nest. Tickets, service-free call-free, without attractions, that is original. Bird’s nest mountain scenic area is located in the north end of daishan Island, 16 km from the county seat, the entire scenic area of about 2 square kilometers, whose landscape is the result of thousands of years, water continuously eroded sea column, marine reef, shaped like a bamboo shoot known as bird’s nest stalagmite.

Stalagmite in daishan, Zhoushan Island, North side, opening the navigation can be found, there is a small fishing village near, can provide accommodation.

It is thousands of years after the sea beats, rain wind erosion of reef views, no Polish, like nature itself.

      When Dim, dusk, find a seafood stall on the beach, waiting for food while enjoying the sunset. Location, daishan Harbor. It doesn’t matter where, as long as the sun goes down, everywhere there are beautiful sunsets.


      Only during the fishing period, have the opportunity to see a forest of masts in ports, hundreds of boats spectacular views. Because the fishing, missed a lot of food, after several months of recuperation, the ocean will give us more generous reward.

In meditation is not the captain, was our Director, camera. Standing on the bow of the domineering, Murphy said the ship is mine?

In the setting sun, the whole world is warm, wind in the hair, touch the mind.

In her set, before she disappeared on the horizon; instant search for the good, let the time travel in this confusion between, to find the best feeling

Leaving Wu Shek Tong, Wu Shek Tong, again, only for the black pebbles.

       This is my Hua Dingmin, window sea, 180-degree ocean view, early in the morning, watching the sunlight dogged through the clouds, I know go out. Rooms are 100 meters is the famous black stone pond

     In the central town of zhujiajian Island hole AO Zhangzhou Bay East West Bank, South Bank, ring lying two “Black Dragon”, this is the famous “black gravel pond”. Tickets priced at $ 30, hundred percent discount, because no work hours.

       Have seen many beaches, see Pebble Beach, so the entire piece of black gravel pond is the first time I saw, and magic of the sea. Wu Shek Tong is famous for its cobblestone, Pebble pattern colors, bright and clean and lovely, as ABAS, as big as a goose egg, is comparable to Nanjing Yuhua stone.

My first reaction, and quickly picked up a few to take home and play,

Almost ignored the door greatly reminded of words.

      This coast, make people feel that the mysteries of the sea, deep, calm down.

      It said. Whenever the Moon Eve, sparkling azure of the Zhangzhou port, like many Smurfs jumps on the sea. Moonlight tide wears silver armor “wave upon wave” hit the beach, played “the sand … … La La … … Sasha vujacic … … La La “sound, as the sounds of chanting. At this point, visitors lay on the cool and smooth gravel to the Moon, hear sound, dream Queen and strings into the fantasy, people refer to this as “Wu Tang sound”. Wanted to take a full moon night, listening to the soothing sounds of the sea.

     From zhujiajian (AO) Wu Shek Tong, bus to the bus station, only a 10-minute drive. If his car, from the hole by three-wheeled motorcycle AO in the past for only 5 Yuan. Nansha approx 20 Yuan.



“Eight” in Hainan, the President praised the art village

      The last leg of the trip, we arrived in Dinghai of Zhoushan island.  

      “Islands of the first” culture has a long history, Dinghai, Zhoushan City, is now the seat of Government, is the political, economic and cultural center of Zhoushan, is the nation’s only island city of history and culture. Historically, there has always been a military stronghold, apart from the famous opium war, and there are anti, anti-Qing dynasty relics. The history of humiliation, are over we no longer depending on the coastal areas and into the dirt.



      Island on the fourth day, rooms at the 41st South Cave, this is the transformation of a farmyard

Bed and breakfasts, family getaway with just the next yard, build your own island time.


      Zhoushan, China South Cave Arts Valley, also known as Sun Valley, is the base of Chinese drama, National Arts College practice base, national experience base for primary and secondary education, the old health and leisure bases.

      South Cave Arts Valley tourist highlights three: characteristic of Zhoushan fisherman painting, the first train, South Cave reservoir in Zhoushan.

      In May 2015, ganlan town, General Secretary investigation after news of the new community, South Cave Arts Valley “fire”, and “a piece of colorful, full of life of fishermen paintings and pieces of fine and practical arts and crafts attract General Secretary frequently stop to admire. Praising Aoyama Green Mountain, a beautiful environment, the next time you come to live here, “is this for May 2015 and to investigation of Zhoushan and Hainan cave art Valley scenes.


Draw a Spring Garden, this is learning to live and great joy, popular full House. Every meal in advance to make an appointment.

       In front of the House flowing, it is no wonder that the President would say guanghui is gold and silver now, washing clothes in streams of the scene is no longer seen. Villagers here washing laundry or something instead of fresh water, a flowing stream is the nature of water. This water reservoir from the village on the mountain.

       Entered the South Cave, a colorful giant mural painting deeply attracted tourists. Each true show the scenes of production and living of fishermen in Zhoushan. Here most of the paintings to the sea of blue as the background, vivid image display of Zhoushan some famous local attractions and fisherman tradition.

Some modern 3D painting, such as the big octopus, lifelike, snarling, from leaping out of the sea.

The fisherman paintings of scenes of country life, wanted to evoke childhood memories.

Also petty bourgeoisie taste full, with the perfect combination of painting, as if into the real landscape painting, people in the village like the picture.

Weekend art Valley, meritorious service, the train is the most lively place Park, is not quite three trains of that perception?

Of course, Zhoushan is not connected by a railway. Within the Valley of the South Cave Arts introduced the one who have to participate in China’s development of “two bombs and one satellite” feats of research staff train (retired), includes a locomotive, 8 cars. Designed train is designed for student accommodation, restaurants, bars, art galleries, cafes and art shops.

South hole to build the first Zhoushan fishing Expo, allowing visitors to see in South Cave Zhoushan wooden fishing vessels have disappeared, in the Centre of the village square.

South hole in the morning, blue sky and white clouds.

Village is a large reservoir on the mountain, is not only a massive water project, but also a beautiful scenery.

Green Hills and blue waters, set aside those worries, integrated into the landscape.

The High Dam, also is one of the best viewing platform and great place to enjoy the sunrise. Have a clear night, lying on the Lake, watching the stars, the picture is too beautiful.

Bus: Dinghai dongmen station take bus number 53, DUI site off.

Journeys end.

“Nine” in bits and pieces on travel

   Traffic: Zhoushan Island, the traffic is very convenient. From Ningbo, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other places have reached the zhujiajian, Zhoushan Dinghai, and

Shenjiamen port area

PuTuo mountain ships (or vehicle transport), there are frequent. From Beijing, Nanjing, Qingdao, Shanghai and other places have reached the aircraft flights to Zhoushan. On December 25, 2009, the bridge was formally opened, marked the continent to Zhoushan needs to travel through history came to an end, Zhoushan, connected with the national highway system as a whole. Travel to Zhoushan, just reached by high-speed Ningbo, Ningbo jiaochuan high-speed Beltway Interchange via Cross-Sea Bridge in Zhoushan, Dinghai district, Zhoushan City. Meanwhile, travel between Zhoushan and Ningbo transportation remains, duck mountain, Dinghai district, Zhoushan City pier with Ningbo beilun baifeng coil Terminal ferries car ferry flights, ferry time approximately 50 minutes.

Zhoushan PuTuo is one of China’s most famous fishing port, is also an important transportation hub in Zhoushan and PuTuo Mountain Island and zhujiajian Island (Zhoushan airport is located) just across the water, every day, around the ship to Zhoushan, coming from the direction of Zhejiang needs to PuTuo mountain, zhujiajian, peach blossom Island, East Island visitors can here relays.

    Zhoushan Islands of daishan island can be followed directly on the ferry to shore, traveling more convenient.

    Travel articles: hot July, UV intensity on the island, Sun protection is necessary. Because traffic on the ferry between the Islands, sea waves, you can prepare some medicine for seasickness, summer drugs. If you want to experience fishing at sea life, might as well spare jacket, off the lower field.

    Filming: wide-angle, telephoto tripod is very wise, gorgeous friends show off the stars it is indispensable.

    Banks will not be too many on the island, some extra cash more convenient.


Sir I can stand or lie to how would you like to come

Sir, I can stand or lie to, how would you like to come?

Live life, is the most important position: some people can only kneel, some people can make others kneel. iphone 6 Hello Kitty case

Love surprise today to introduce this, but it was understood, sometimes standing, sometimes lying–of course, not kneeling.


Well, today loves fanciful to say the “understood”, is actually a bathtub.


Cities more and more crowded room getting smaller and smaller. Bathtub, whether you want to fade the rhythm? Only go to the spa or hotel can satisfy the desires of a dip? If the bathtub free transform drops pose in a …

BIUBIUBIU~ inflatable bath tub (Inflatable Bathtub) is such a presence.

Just press a button and within a few seconds, can bounce inflatable shower tub, let your desire to bubble on the bubble.


2015 red dot design award.

iphone 6 Hello Kitty case

Looks pretty good! But, I don’t know, your House has failed to pull out a whole tub of places……? hello kitty cases for iPhone 6

Designer: Zhou Peng (sound, Zhou Peng), Dai Changfu (sound, Dai ChangFu), Liu Shufu (sound, Liu ShuFu)


You don t know the Zhaoqing traditional town with European style castle fantasy

Zhaoqing is national famous historical and cultural cities, cultural heritage, and strong, is the birthplace of Lingnan Culture, Cantonese culture. Meanwhile, China excellent tourism city of Zhaoqing, national garden cities, national sanitary city, national model city for environmental protection. Zhaoqing city is a treasure trove of species in South subtropical area, many precious species of world repute in, is one of the major forest areas in Guangdong Province. Natural vegetation is basically subtropical Evergreen seasonal rain forests, represented in dinghushan biosphere reserve and the fengkai in heishiding nature reserve.

Zhaoqing, the fortunate enough to get a country garden Phoenix hotel experience, take this so I zero-distance contact with the Live Earth city.

Can’t stand! Opening: we look at some photos ~!

Looking at photos and relive the feeling at that time, country garden memories too beautiful and too warm for me, to see my two-day, one-night five-star Maritim tour.



The year 2016-06-20



Zhaoqing railway station and the train station, Zhaoqing city, moving the station away from the city at a distance, railway station is more convenient.

And this time staying at country garden Phoenix hotel, 80 km from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, 90 minutes by car; from Zhaoqing railway station 9 km, 15 minutes by car distance high bus station 3 km, 5 minutes by car; from the Regency Pier 4 km, 8 minutes by car. 



Zhaoqing the taxi starting price of 6.5 Yuan (2 km), after 2 km 2.4 Yuan/kilometer, not subject to fuel surcharges.

Tips TIPS: Zhaoqing city taxi is basically never hit the table, some drivers have charges, refusing hire, soliciting in the Middle, so we travel to Zhaoqing best regards price before the car ride, or take the bus directly (little district, Zhaoqing city, buses have arrived).

“Attractions in”

Attach a map, to the railway station, the seven, Zhaoqing, and the arrival of country garden Phoenix hotel as the Center, to Zhaoqing dinghu mountain scenic area in the North, as well as the East train station

Straight down to the South will reach Clinton will tour to the village of gossip.

Dinghu mountain:

Dinghu mountain in Zhaoqing city, Guangdong Province, North-Eastern border, 18 kilometers away from Zhaoqing, latitude 23 ° 10′, longitude 112 ° 31′. Is the only oasis on the Tropic of cancer, dinghu mountain known as “the Emerald on the Tropic of cancer.” Not only that, but due to flourish in dinghushan, negative ion content high, also known as the “natural oxygen.” And with the danxia mountain, boluo County in Shaoguan luofushan of Guangdong Province, Foshan Xiqiao mountain known as four famous mountains.

Bagua village:

Bagua village, also known as Cha village in Lebanon, now has more than 700 years of history, Zhao Jiang gaoyao is located in the photo side of the road, and new agricultural ecological park in close proximity. Li Cha Cun Xi Cun gossip form, exquisite layout, luoshuke hidden mystery, ancient Chinese Confucian culture discusses all important attractions of the Zhouyi eight basic graphics, also known as gossip, and the “-” and “-” symbols shaped houses built in the shape of a Phoenix man named Feng gang Hill.


Seven Star Rock:

Zhaoqing seven star crags, Zhaoqing city, located in the district about 2 km, the area consists of five lakes, Liu gang, composed of Cha-am, eight-hole area of 8.23 square kilometres, Lake and mountains, mountains have holes, hole river, King in the city not city, beautiful as a fairyland. Seven star rock Karst Karst landform of rock peaks, lakes, landscape features as the main character, seven blocks arranged like the Big Dipper peak Qiao area of 6.3 square kilometres of limestone rocks on the Lake, more than 20 square kilometres of the Lake split the Lake into the Great Lakes, beautiful scenery. Known as the “paradise”, “the first wonders of the South.” Cliff seven State-level cultural relic protection units in South China has been preserved up to the cliff with the largest group, so named for the seven.

Zhaoqing country garden Phoenix hotel:

Located China excellent tourism city, Zhaoqing country garden Phoenix hotel is built near the mountain, perched mountain, facing the West River. Continues the country garden Phoenix hotel retro luxury décor, service is meticulous and open spacious rooms, in the window you can see a beautiful River, is the ideal choice for a vacation.

Universal treasure will be able to make a reservation:

“Travel preparations”

First don’t select holiday holiday, holiday people compared more, hotel also full has, hard sense by local of culture breath; second if summer holiday must to prepared good autumn clothing, Zhaoqing of weather not is hot, summer of night also has may will cold, sooner or later temperature also is some; third if is in in dinghushan biosphere reserve, gold ditch near live of of visitors, must to first appointment good hotel, Zhaoqing of most scenic near only few of hotel, sometimes will supply of, so holiday Qian must to appointment good hotel; IV if there is a best time to taste steamed dumpling wrapped in Zhaoqing city, very famous, and can also be used as souvenirs for friends.


Due to the previous activity in the early morning landing in Guangzhou New Baiyun Airport

From the airport, if you choose to take the train, from the Airport South to southern, too far away, and taking into account the East is relatively far from the city of Zhaoqing, so I took the train, approximately 1.5 hours, different trains will be slightly different.

The Guangzhou Railway station, from the moment the mood is quite beautiful, although I have not slept for a day and a night

Just think it is fine to Guangzhou was so corny

On the train, set his alarm clock, am afraid of accidentally slept standing up, after all, I was almost trapped collapsed

Zhaoqing railway station is small, not much flow, can be described as a very local feel of the station

Country garden Phoenix hotel pick-up, meet friends, he immediately drove to the hotel!



Zhaoqing country garden Phoenix hotel

The year 2016-06-21

From the train station to country garden Phoenix hotel, distance is relatively short, about 20 minutes is up, no traffic jams in the middle of

After Xijiang bridge, branded in the first impression in the mind of Zhaoqing

Silvery quiet secluded Street, mountain lots, even in the city center is full of negative oxygen ion ~

Reached the hotel, butt came to the Manager gave me a pain stick, very intimate, then quickly dealt with in the check, my near-collapse from too great.

Hotel is built near the mountain, perched mountain, facing the West River. Continued country garden Phoenix Hotel luxury retro style. Roughly six, is a Wellness Centre on the first floor, in the second floor is the restaurant, Leo, nothing is more seductive than gold.

Into the rooms, spacious room all of a sudden makes me relax.

Pushed open the window startled, built in the mid-levels of the hotel, is a list of small hills, sunny afternoon, homes

On the balcony drinking coffee, reading a novel is a kind of enjoyment.

Green dot is more full of vitality

Simply prepared and went downstairs to eat lunch, and tours.

Hotel’s Ballroom, the hotel restaurant, coffee shop, bar/lounge, business center, conference rooms.

Blingbling luxury corridor, continued the country garden Phoenix International retro luxury décor, come to an end, in turn, take a picture again ~

Warm design suite, with front office, living room, bedroom before the room. Balconies are facing King County, Zhaoqing city, opened the doors is a brilliant. And eyes are country garden at the foot of swimming pools and other sports facilities, not far away is the country garden property, villas, distinct, beautiful as pictures.

Exterior wall same romance, red roof and white walls, sitting on a mountain river scenery, one with the Zhaoqing city.

How to thank good weather day, bad mood is difficult.

In addition, country garden Phoenix hotel also hosted “travel light movement, light healthy to enjoy” green run, and dream together, based on love, opens at eight o’clock in the evening every Friday and holidays run, welcome guests, owners, as well as all sports-loving small partners involved in yo!

Zhaoqing country garden Phoenix hotel



Zhaoqing > Bagua village

The year 2016-06-22

Then, just can’t wait to Bagua village

Bagua village, also known as Cha village in Lebanon, now has more than 700 years of history, Zhao Jiang gaoyao is located in the photo side of the road, and new agricultural ecological park in close proximity. Li Cha Cun Xi Cun gossip shape and layout refinement, luoshuke hidden mystery, ancient Chinese Confucian culture discusses all important attractions of the Zhouyi eight basic graphics, also known as gossip.

Houses built by the mountain, surrounded by water, which Qian, Kun, seismic, and Tatsumi, Kan, leave, such as Burgundy, against the Hexagram-shaped arrangement, Royal distribution, a block of rows, round by round, mystery and unique style. 15 village has a main roadway, Xiang, 84, 99 alley. Throughout the village, Tai Wai House, old House, village road distribution like gossip circles, is surrounded by a circular village of designer village pond and the ring Boulevard, only two export land connected with the outside world, but also has the typical characteristics of Yangtze River.

From the hotel, chaotically, summer, sunny, weather is not Chan Chuan Lei Gan, beneath the leaves of dingdaerguang beams, also add itched a meditating on times past.

Stay on the road for a long time, inevitably who will go from the water, but as soon as one into the House, you will feel the chill. Was introduced as this House has a “Patio” reasons. The structure of the ventilation and lighting, makes the House like open air conditioning cool, really amazing.

In the village of gossip, might have caused gossip the most women and men aspire to and look forward to are the three points: Felicity and longevity bridge and lingshi dog. Because in traditional Chinese culture, life, nothing more than fitness and longevity, fortune, fortune, and it turns out this place can satisfy your inner desires.

That doesn’t take your breath away, so you’re mind like water, into the outer House.

This with gossip Totem stronghold is lucky, visitors come here 3 times around its forward, reverse to turn 3, get rid of bad luck and bring good luck in the body.

Housing structures also are following the principles of Feng Shui, like this outside of the main entrance in the Feng Shui should not directly on the stairs, then creating a platform outside the gate, and then sideways to the grand staircase built into the road.

Houses here are not repaired, at first look might feel a bit The Attack Aftermath, but because of this, there is the dialog history, touching here brick by brick, feel the uncommon wisdom of the people, this is the “ground”, and “local” in Zhaoqing.

The most popular festival is the “tea-fruit Festival”, held three lunar new year in early February every year, “tea-fruit” is a rice of dim sum. This one married daughter returned to her home; buy whole village raising a bunch of firecrackers loud Thunder; each banquet dinner for friends and family; last year, gave birth to the boy’s family is the most interesting bonus written slip of paper into a tube into the sky, who grab the bamboo strip bonus return who.

In Alley among back and forth Shuttle, a began will think touch not with mind regardless of go to where are as, however exploration long has on will found, renheli, and compliant in, and xingren in, and Shang Renli, and home and in, and attained in, and Yu show in, and renhuali, and Chun and in, and was de square, nine a square, each a a in are has a gatehouse, representative of is a family, inside are TSO, and wine Hall, and school,, each of style actually are some similar.

Roof design was also presented with the universe, is fame, which represents each, if there is no achievement is not possible with open space. But you can also see it, residents here are not official, is that business people.

There is also a nickname called market village, villagers are mostly in Australia and New Zealand get rich and stay are older, there is attachment to the elderly, they are at Banyan tree weaving mats and fans, may have visitors bought as a souvenir, money may not be a top priority, but as a craft tradition and thrown up some old memories


To the end of the tour, is the legendary Millennium wells, and springs inside the Millennium is said to have not withered, regardless of seasons, or is there a serious drought, the water is not going to decrease water water not cut after this interesting things in the village can’t finish. Buckets take a bucket with a rope, and we all piledin washing wiping, feel refreshing.

Public transport mode

Bus lines: 315

Destination site: Li/GUA Cha Cun Cun

Price: 8 yuan/person

Frequency: 7 minutes/class

Time of first/last bus: 6:20/21:30

After getting off to scenic spots: go straight after getting off 188 m can be reached.

Note: buses for human service bus, boarded the bus to warn the crew get off at the village of gossip, or bus no stops here.

Drive way to reach the area

Channels: Guangzhou-Zhaoqing Highway-Highway 272

Time required: 40 minutes

Travel Guide

2-hour cruise line

Attractions on the way: the main entrance > xingren > compliant > Yuk Sau > renhe > Dongjiang > attained > Hongyun > Nathan good book she > yan Li > > Chun Li > shangren


Bagua village



Country garden Phoenix hotel > Zhaoqing Xiangshan

The year 2016-06-23

Back at the hotel, dinner they prepared fish five food, which means five to eat, Shunde dish I always assured. With the warmth of home cooking, but chef craft.

Hotel after dark is a tenderness, lights flashing, and sunset, just on the balcony a look couldn’t keep cameras out to record.

Swimming pool after dark, much more lively than daytime.

This time, I would like to thank the hotel arranged for me to receive, Iowa, are responsive, and dinner time I said I wanted to watch the sunset and said he could take me up the Hill, but at the time was a walk up the hill from the hotel road, small trees, is not very convenient to go, forget about it. Later I still want to see the Sunrise, he said go, there is another road in the mountains on the other side of the garage.

Later results, said he wasn’t sure the mountain road where, so I want to tonight show me the way to go to find out, I said all right, but Wang was surprised to see the stars. To say the surprise and excitement, gaoyao in the foot.

Rise to the urban areas along the road (is Bank) go straight through town, longwan village, arrived at Yamaguchi village village. Along the foot of the mountain on the drive to reach the top! Beautiful scenery is here ~ Hotel started about 20 minutes by car from Phoenix, bend a little insurance, pay attention to safety Oh ~! Wish you have fun!

Country garden Phoenix hotel

Zhaoqing Xiangshan



Zhaoqing Xiangshan

The year 2016-06-24

Coincidentally, today is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, sunrise at 5 o’clock in 42, and lazy people like me, set my alarm clock for 4:45, starting with 5 point Iowa meet in the lobby, just take a piece of the Maritim Hotel in the morning.

I was quite nervous on the way, it was, after all, began pan-blue shiny, past the peak, after all, a little bit away, turns on a mountain road, and were afraid to drive fast (well actually has very fast) Diffuse way Guangdong regain their undying heart

Until you reach the top of the mountain, finding time just right, appears in the scene in front of me, I was shocked, this is not one, did Huo tuotuo Phoenix, it is stunning. There are patches of clouds floating in the city at low altitude, it is fantastic.

Such a beautiful landscape, but a person does not sleep at night has been too lonely. In Xiangshan, Zhaoqing enthusiasts like rendezvous, Lance a short gun, there is no shortage of cell phone video delay on, of course, the aerial is not, can be described as strange, lots to learn here can tell you the teacher too!

I am a very lazy person, saw all day in life, are specified in the active trip or cannot be avoided, to be seen, and this one is my first proposed the idea of watching the Sunrise, so good luck. It turned my early impressions of Zhaoqing, from the original “ground” transformed so magnificent, like people around, I didn’t experience their life, don’t go judging anyone.

Sunlight filtered through the clouds, and thick clouds, gradually thin, everything as it is, like it never existed. Then, every road will remain streaming, fresh footprints and inspired by the humid air to leave or come back.

Zhaoqing Xiangshan



The year 2016-06-25

Back at the hotel getting back to sleep after sunrise, I got up to open the door to see nearly an hour waiting for me outside the door of China, I find this particularly sorry I feel unusually warm.

Traditional Chinese medicine has a “five-color matching the five Zang-organs” diet theory, think of different colors of food, health effects vary, corresponding tonic different body parts. Modern nutrition shows that the color of food and nutrition are closely, in the colorful “coat”, some food aggregates containing certain specific health effects. Phoenix hotel is launching a colorful breakfast in conjunction with the principle of redeployment.

It is said that in addition to the delicious food, hotels are careful about a dining environment upgraded, let it color and food collide more enjoyable, people walked into the dining room, you can feel full of vigor.

Two star products: Eggs Benedict and power vegetable juice, looks already full House.

Finally, still in Iowa and accompanied by his driver arrived in the East back to Zhuhai, Zhaoqing, the trip ended, thanks to Zhaoqing country garden Phoenix hotel per staff member, particularly good care of these two days I wish everyone luck ~


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The world is big, and see it.

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