Apple keyboard years unchanged, want to play differently, maybe you can try this on Kickstarter wood keyboard Macbook. This keyboard is not a full keyboard, a keyboard made of wood it is posted, you can post it on the Mac computer keyboards, so that we can give you a unique and very tactile keyboard.

This keyboard is located in Brooklyn, New York, a design studio called RAW. Keyboard has two kinds of material can be selected, one is rosewood, other is bamboo, is a relatively common wood. Disney Note 4 flip case


RAW Studio, rosewood may provide a deep and rich, smooth texture. And the bamboo gives a feeling of pure.

RAW Studio, they think the wooden keyboard most of the quality and handling of the product details. Unlike adhesive keyboards will leave traces after the tear, so they go through extensive testing, and finally decided to use 3M products.


This keyboard manufacturing process need to Polish the wood, making the wood more smooth.


Of course you don’t have to worry about with this keyboard will make big changes in the thickness of the keyboard, look at the pictures, they are very thin.


Next process is that the keyboard is laser cut, finish to polished with sandpaper after cutting. Of course the most important thing is to paint on the keyboard.


RAW will be processed for each button hole, it can perfectly match the Macbook keyboard backlight.


In addition to wooden keyboard Macbook, RAW Studio regular Mac keyboard versions. Disney Galaxy Note 4 case

Disney Note 4 flip case


This keyboard sells for $40. Favorite friends can click here to make a purchase.


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